Matthias Rath, MD Talk

Saturday, May 11, 2002 Town Hall, NYC

This meeting was a series of talks about the research of Dr. Matthias Rath, a German MD, and his staff.

It was free and I am told there was a half page ad in the New York Times. An abstract on his work was presented at the 19th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference (2/27/02).

A German cancer patient spoke about his recovery from a lung tumor and showed scans taken 7 months after he began using the dietary supplements from Rath's company Cellular Health.

Then Dr. Rath came out. I knew that he was one of the leaders of a protest at the recent UN meeting on CODEX. This is a reference to action being taken in Europe to make all dietary supplements medicine. They would be held to the standards of pharmaceuticals.

This may sound good but there are many reasons it would be a disaster. One is that no single manufacturer can claim any patents (and business is driven by the profit motive). Dietary supplements would not be able to contain more than the RDA (or European equivalent). This is patently absurd as there have been efforts here to raise the RDA or use a different system. The Institute of Medicine issued a report to that effect several years ago.

Back to Rath. When he came out, he looked like a media star. He wore a double-breasted jacket and stood on stage as though seeking applause. He then humbly asked people to applaud after he spoke. (I was troubled but trying to maintain an open mind). He turned out to be a dramatic speaker and said a lot of things I was able to agree with.Additionally one of his best credentials is that he used to work with Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Prize winner and advocate/researcher of Vitamin C).

It's funny. I have been to so many medical meetings and have gotten used to the way abstracts are presented at those events. This meeting was not like that until Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PhD got to speak.

Rath spoke against the Pharmaceutical 'cartel' in very strong terms. He said that people have to see the pharma industry as 'return on investment' rather than caring individuals. He said it should be recognized that they are NOT interested in a cure but in treatment. "How much money can you make by preventing disease?"

He then said the pharma industry had about 55,000 researchers working on a cancer cure but it was still remote. He pointed out that 1500 people die per day of cancer in the U.S. He said that pharmas earn about $100 billion annually from cancer treatment.

He then began speaking about the uncontrolled multiplication of cancer cells and the excess production of collagen digesting enzymes (connective tissue), which are produced by cancer cells.

During lactation preparation, the breast uses collagen-digesting enzymes normally.

Then an eight-minute animated film was shown about cancer cells action in the body. He contended that cancer cells are able to penetrate blood vessels by means of the collagen-digesting enzymes.

Then Dr. Niedzwiecki came out to speak. She began to talk about the actual experiments they had done to come to the conclusions they did.

They placed melanoma cells in collagen matrix membranes will all blood factors and added lysine into one and no lysine into the other. In the vial with lysine, no prenetration into the collagen matrix was found.

Next they used colon, breast cells. They found a dose-dependent relationship between lysine and stopping this degradation of the collagen matrix membrane.

As their paper, presented at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference shows, the percentage of breast cancer cells invading the collagen matrix at 100% to controls, 62% with L-lysine, 38% with L-lysine/vitamin C/L-proline (lysine and proline are amino acids) and 0% with the addition of all of the above plus EGCG (from green tea).

This same paper suggested that 91% of colon cancer cells were blocked with the last combo and 100% of melanoma cells.

EGCG is Epigallocatechin Gallate (recognized as an important polyphenolic compound in green tea). Vitamin C was in the form of ascorbyl palmitate. L-lysine and L-proline are natural amino acids. Neither Vitamin C nor lysine are produced in the body. (most of the amino acids are but some need to be added via nutrients/food).

Dr. Niedzwiecki, PhD, stated that they had seen results in cancer patients (in Germany) at 3 months for a testicular cancer patient and 1 month for a breast cancer patient (reductions in bone lesions and no new ones developing, and a 50% reduction in CA 15 levels).

During the final part of the talk, Dr. Rath suggested that people w/cancer or their supporters should discuss this work with their doctor. He suggested asking the doctor to document your health and scans and cooperate with Rath on clinical trials of his products (Cellular Health).

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