Matuschka, Artist/Photographer/Cancer Activist

New York artist Matuschka was nominated for the Pultizer Prize for her photograph, "Beauty Out Of Damage," a 1993 self-portrait in which she bared her mastectomy scar. The photograph, below, was used by the New York Times Magazine to illustrate its Aug. 15, 1993 cover story, "You Can't Look Away Anymore - The Anguished Politics Of Breast Cancer."

Matuschka went on to become an important voice in the breast cancer awareness/political fight for patients rights of the past decade.

Source: September 26, 2004

Ann Fonfa met Matuschka in 1993 at the first advocacy training conference sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Coalition.


LINK to artist's site

"Last Letter To Florence."

Matuschka's unpublished autobiography

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