Massage Has Many Functions For 

The Cancer Patient

Although rumor abounds about massage, there is NO scientific study that demonstrates that massage should be completely avoided in cancer patients.

Knowledable practitioners and doctors do agree that the area of the tumor should be avoided. No pressure should ever be placed on the tumor. It is advised that massage therapists avoid using deep techniques.

Nursing literature does support the use of gentle massage. Obviously there are benefits. Among them is simple relaxation and pain reduction.

It is believed that patients can gain a feeling of control and their attitude and body image can benefit too.

Since research has shown that premature infants gain 47% more weight if massaged at least 15 minutes at a time, several times a day, it does not seem too big a leap of faith to see immune system benefits in massage.

"Indeed the National Cancer Institute endorses the use of massage, pressure and vibration for musculoskeletal pain during all phases of treatment." (Touching Cancer Patients, Guidelines for Massage Therapists by Donna Williams, an article in Massage magazine March/April 2000).

According to Ms. Williams, hospitals that offer massage therapy report "that patients who are touched experience a greater sense of relaxation and less insomnia, nausea, anxiety, depression, pain and need for medication."

She suggests that hot and cold therapy NOT be used on the treament area of those undergoing radiation-since the area may be hypersensitive.

A gentle massage of head, neck, shoulders, back and feet is recommended in the nursing literature for relaxation and the reduction of pain.

Some hospitals offer massage therapy as a part of their standard of care.

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