Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton is not a seaweed or marine plant - marine phytoplankton is a single celled organism.

The following was sent from a supplier of marine phytoplankton:

"It is the start of the genetic code on earth ( 3.1bn years old) and the start of the food chain. Zooplankton feeds on phytoplankton, which is what whales feed on; and phytoplankton feeds on 'dead DNA' which is the DNA strand that is left behind like a skeleton structure when a phytoplankton dies.

How perfect of a cellular super food is that - perfect DNA strands. No wonder it appears to be doing cellular repair at all levels in the body (not organ or site specific in its benefits). In addition, phytoplankton is responsible for creating an atmosphere on earth - 90% of the earths oxygen production. Without it there wouldn't be life period."

It is not algae nor does it do any photosynthesis. More from a supplier:

" It is also very alkalizing - well beyond what you can do by eating lots of vegetables People that are doing a high protein diet (including fish) are moving the body into an acidic state. Being acidic makes it conducive for diseases to take root. Our product restores alkaline balance. In addition, it appears to be oxygenating from the inside out (again marine phytoplankton is responsible for 90% of the earth's own oxygen production). Also, a key factor in creating an environment within the body that is not conducive for diseases to take hold and spread."


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Received January 2006

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