Male Breast Cancer: Clinical & Biologic Indicators of Prognosis

ABSTRACT: Male Breast Cancer: A Reappraisal of Clinical and Biologic Indicators of Prognosis [08/13/2001; Acta Oncologica]

Between 1970 and 1998, 90 cases of male breast cancer with available pathological material were retrieved. The disease often presented in aged patients (median - 66 years) and as advanced stage (stage III/IV - 51%).

Excluding stage IV disease, the neoplasia were predominantly ductal invasive carcinomas, NOS (not otherwise specified) (92%), grade 1 and grade 2 (94%), positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors (72% and 74%), negative for androgen receptors (100%), p53 negative (95%), c-erbB-2 negative (88%) and DNA aneuploid (73%).

Assessment of disease outcome is determined by stage at time of diagnosis, and axillary lymph node status was the only parameter found to have a statistically significant correlation with either disease-free interval or overall survival (p < 0.001) by multivariate analysis.

Clinically useful information on the probability of relapse can be added by determining c-erbB-2 (p = 0.02) and progesterone receptors (p = 0.04) in stage III and tumor ploidy (p = 0.04) in pN1 subgroups of patients.

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