Magnet Therapy-Patient Perspective

I went for magnet therapy for about a year.

It seems to me that magnet therapy isn't really generic, that the magnets need to be placed appropriately for each individual. Maybe that's why some people really think magnets are great and others think they're awful??

What I did do was go to a magnet therapist. I went once a week. The treatments were to help me detox. I had gone for accupressure treatments, but I was detoxing so fast with those that I would have a totally stoned feeling for days. I was told that magnet therapy would be gentler and help me detox slower so that I would have some quality of life!

For each treatment the therapist would place magnets on my legs and arms. The magnets were wired together in pairs.

The first treatment made me feel hollow inside, it was very strange, I felt like a tube! And when I tried to stand, I couldn't. I had to lie down for about an hour before I could leave. Needless to say, the therapist wasn't too happy with that and the next time I went he reduced the magnet strength as well as the length of the treatment.

Every time I went I would leave with a horrid swamp water taste in my mouth which lasted for quite a while.

I stopped going, because it was tiring and it did give me a mild stoned feeling. I think it probably was just what I needed, but after a year of feeling tired and slightly stoned, I was sick of it!

I've thought of trying it again, but maybe I'll plant some cilantro next year and detox that way first!

Susan Frisius

Ann's NOTE: During 1995 I was constantly having tumors show up on my left breast. I hear William Philpott speak about magnets at FACT (see separate talk by Ruth Sackman, Pres of FACT). I bought magnets from his daughter's factor.

I wore them in my bra, wrapped around my body in a specially designed holder that they sold. I wore these night and day for three months.

At the end of that time, and all during it, I continued to develop tumors. I felt there was NO positive response.

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