Lymphedema in GYN & Prostate malignancies

Ann's NOTE: Lymphedema - swelling of the extremity or trunk is caused by surgery (removal of lymph nodes), radiation (of lymph nodes) or ? and is a problem after treatment in many cancers.

"Detection of Sentinel Lymph Nodes" South Med J.92(2) 204-208, 1999

From the discussion: Patients with cervical, uterine and vulvar malignancies occasionally have complications and morbidity related to the lymph node dissection. In an effort to ultimately reduce the necessity for a thorough complete lymphadenectomy and therefore target the lymphadenectomy toward sentinel nodes, we describe a technique that may accurately identify sentinel nodes.

In two of our 13 patients with cervical cancer, we were able to identify sentinel lymph nodes. We believe that this has not been previously reported in the literature. Our success with vulvar cancer was encouraging; in two of the three patients with positive nodes, we identified lymphazurin stained lymph nodes.

Our success with uterine cancer was less encouraging because none of our patients had sentinel nodes identified with lymphazurin dye. One explanation for our mixed success may be the lack of metastatic disease in the patients with uterine cancer, as well as the limited number of patients in this series. Our success with cervial cancer would suggest that furthe study is needed with both cervical and uterine cancer patients.

NOTE: Sentinel node biopsy techniques are being refined in the treatment and understanding of many cancers. This is a wonderful step toward reducing occurrence of lymphedema complications in cancer patients.

Ann's NOTE:There is a risk of lower extremity lymphedema with cervical, uterine, vulvar, ovarian, prostate and others when lymph nodes are removed.

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