Lynne Farrow - Breast Cancer Choices

Summary of a talk Lynne gave in Northern New Jersey,

September 2008

Lynne Farrow of Breast Cancer Choices Organization gave a compelling talk on their research with iodine in treatment of both breast and prostate cancers. A few additional notes are added below.

Fluorine, Bromine, Chlorine, Iodine---the four 'INES’ that affect the body (the Halogen family). The first three are the most active so they displace the only good one---iodine, throughout the body, and in so doing they not only poison us, they cause osteoporosis, arthritis, brain fog and other degenerative diseases.

They destroy the function of the thyroid gland, add toxins to breast and prostate tissue, suppress the immune system and make the whole body susceptible to cancer.

Chlorine: If you live in the Bergen County area you are fortunate. Our water (United Water/Suez, formerly Hackensack Water Co. before the French took it over) is ozonated. In fact the Haworth plant is the country's first 'pilot plant' to use ozone.

With ozonation, they don't have to 'shock treat' incoming bacteria (Canada goose poop, etc.) with huge amounts of chlorine, and ozonation leaves no residue, so they only have to add enough chlorine (chloramine actually) to protect against bacteria introduced from the pipes between the filtration plant and your house.

If you don't have a PUR or Brita granulated carbon filter (good), a carbon block or ceramic filter (better), at least leave drinking and cooking water exposed in an open container in the fridge overnight (fair). Most of the chlorine will gas off.

Better yet, get a reverse osmosis filter for your kitchen and put a simple carbon block filter on your shower head. Or---save GLASS jugs (not plastic. Or---if you can afford it, Mountain Valley (delivered in 5 gallon glass jugs for your water cooler) is one of the best bottled waters. It is so good you wanna drink all that you should!

Fluorine: Again we are fortunate as United Water does not fluoridate---YET! Chlorine serves a purpose. It treats the water, and is easily removed at point of use. Flourine, by contrast, treats YOU, and is hard to remove.

It is forced mass medication with a poisonous drug, a whole different ballgame. Someone suggested why not add Viagra and Prozac and make everybody happy! Fluoride is much stronger than chlorine, worse than lead and almost equivalent to arsenic in toxicity. Fluoridation was Alcoa’s way to get rid of their huge stockpiles of a HAZMAT aluminum byproduct (that was killing cattle on surrounding farms) and get paid for it (the rat poison market was not big enough).

And you thought they were doing you a favor? Outside the Bergen area, call your water company and ASK. If they fluoridate, you MUST use a special alumina oxide fluoride filter (or reverse osmosis) if you want to stay healthy and avoid (or control) cancer.

Don't play around or believe your dentist. He has been hoodwinked by the ADA for years so you will never convince him/her (also about mercury, another long story).

Bromine: As mentioned at the meeting, Pepperidge Farms is the only bread I have found that uses non-bromated flour, and King Arthur is the only non-bromated packaged flour for home baking (research so far). I will double-check all others this month again for a report in November.

I just purchased the Brownstein book on Iodine and cancer, mentioned at the meeting, for our lending library so it will be available at the October meeting, along with the accompanying DVD which is excellent. We also have several other new cancer books (only the best) so check them out.

Harvey K,leader of CARE group, Ridgewood, NJ.

The following was transcribed by member Susan B.

Susan also added some information from Lynne's website:

A SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION FROM SUSAN (Minutes of the last meeting plus MORE):

Some of the information you will read was presented at the recent CARE meeting. As some of you know I am trying to help Harvey K. coordinate the Cancer Awareness Research Exchange group that meets in Ridgewood monthly.

The speaker was Lynne Farrow, a breast cancer survivor and academic who decided to look into the research on breast cancer and iodine. Interesting, iodine has LONG BEEN KNOWN TO BE AN EFFECTIVE CURE for the conditions that lead up to breast cancer, namely fibrocystic breast disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disease, etc.

Drs. Abrams, Brownstein and Flechas have been pioneers in the research. You will find an audio interview with Dr. Flechas and a video of Dr. Brownstein making a presentation at a medical convention (on the website). Listen and learn.

You will learn that you should go back to our iodized salt if you stopped using it. Iodine used to be in our milk and bread. Why did manufacturers take it out? Why did the government stop caring about the reason it was put in there? It was well-known that certain areas of the U.S. were known as Goiter belts, such as the Great Lakes Basin around Chicago and Michigan.

That's why we got iodine added to our food. Was this a cost-saving decision with dire health consequences? (HK comment: Yes, bromine is cheaper than iodine)

Selenium is needed by your thyroid or you won't be able to make T4 into the T3 you need. The thyroid needs iodine as do your breasts, ovaries, prostate, brain, muscles. Many of us are iodine deficient and selenium deficient.

Selenium should be in a lot of foods we eat, but modern farming methods have stripped the soil of selenium. (HK last comment! Selenium is crucial. It also causes apoptosis and stops cell proliferation by inhibiting NFKB (cancer growth factor). See November’s chart for usage).

What blocks iodine uptake? Fluoride and chlorine in our water. Bromide in our mattresses, couches, cell phones, computers, brominated flour, Gatorade, Orange Crush, Mountain Dew (brominated vegetable oil), cars, etc.

The flame retardant PBDE is in our furniture, which is a bromide. Buspar is bromide. Sweden banned PBDE, so if you shop at IKEA their made-in- Sweden furniture won't have this health hazard. Sweden obviously seems to care more about this issue. California banned brominated flour, but that should be a national ban of not just flour. It should include the above products and others.

Bromide, fluoride and chlorine are very similar in their chemical makeup, so they compete for receptor sites in your body that should be used by the iodine. 40% of U.S. women have thyroid disease. 15% of US females are iodine deficient, the same percentage getting breast cancer. That means 1 in 8.

Regardless of what the radiologist at the mammography center told you, fibrocystic breasts are NOT normal, Cysts can become cancerous tumors. Painful breasts are a warning that something is wrong. Pay attention. Think about filtering fluoride and chlorine out of your water.

What is a cause of ADD? The same rampant lack of iodine in pregnant women causes their children to get ADD. If the iodine deficiency is severe, the child is retarded. (Chinese added fluoride to the water in a section of China that was iodine deficient and created a lot of mental retardation.)

Gee, so why is the Japanese population NOT getting so much cancer and known to be very competitively intelligent? Yep., they get plenty of iodine in their diets, about 100 times more. If they move to the U.S. that changes radically and their rates of cancer begin to be like ours.

If you think you cannot supplement with iodine because you can't eat shellfish, think again. The iodine in shellfish is not elemental iodine, which is what you need. Very few people can't take iodine in the form needed. There are two kinds of iodine your body needs: iodine and iodide (salt of the iodine). Your stomach prefers iodine, the thyroid prefers the salty iodine, breast tissue needs both kinds, and brain tissue prefers iodide (which is in cerebral spinal fluid). In the brain this increases the receptivity of neurotransmitters, which improves mood. And the prostate tissue needs iodine. Prostate cancer metastasizes without iodine.

When doctors prescribe Synthroid and other thyroid meds, they often keep increasing the amount over time. Iodine supplementation can help. Some can get off the Synthroid altogether with the use of iodine. Women who take thyroid hormone double their breast cancer risk because supplementing with thyroid hormone inhibits the ability of the thyroid to get iodine.

In a Boston study, patients got 5 mg. of iodine and iodide (which is Lugol’s solution) on a daily basis. The rate of breast cancer dropped 50%. Iodoral is the preferred form, a combination that includes Lugols solution.

If you can eat iodized salt, you can take Iodoral. See the website. They sell it at a reduced price and the profits help support more meaningful research. I have long been disgusted by the American Cancer Society, which is well-known to use the majority of the funds to treat employees very well, but puts little into cancer research. I'd rather give a donation to the people really doing something to help.

To get a doctor that can work with you to correct these problems, contact the people that run the website. There are simple tests to find out who is iodine deficient, etc. Pass this on if you think it is worthwhile. I hope you do.

Just know that I took the information from the website and you should go there for even more details.



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"The talk will discuss the Amazons and the rally to find the first non-toxic adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.

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