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February 13, 2008

Six-Marker Panel Highly Accurate in Detecting Ovarian Cancer

Even for early ovarian cancer, a panel of six biomarkers can detect the disease with high accuracy, according to results of a case-control analysis here. See story below.

From the 1997 meeting of the Chemotherapy Foundation:

Ann introduced the idea of using the new plasma marker LPA for ovarian patients. No-one knew of it but the comment from the podium was that markers are not useful for discovery. Hopefully more will become known about this blood test. UPDATE: 1999 It looks really good for this blood test. It is going through larger scale study but continues to be impressive. The LPA test seems able to detect ovarian cancer at very early stages. Most ovarian cancer is found at Stage III or later due to the difficulty in identifying symptoms and the fact that there is no single reliable test. Even using a combination of tests, it still can be difficult to diagnose this disease.

Ann's NOTE 9/99 This test has now gone to a Phase III clinical trial-this means that a larger number of women are being tested for ovarian cancer using this blood test. The preliminary or early reports indicate that it truly may be able to diagnose the disease and very early.

If you have any reason to think you may be at risk for ovarian cancer or if you have signs and want to check this out, contact www.centerwatch.com and locate the trial. Perhaps your doctor will be willing to help you get the test. Otherwise if you do have symptoms, follow up with a knowledgable physician.

Update May/June 1999

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