Lowered Sex Drive a Possible Factor

Low Sex Drive Linked to Male Breast Cancer

A new study has found that men who have fewer orgasms are much more likely to develop the disease.

The study, published by the British Journal of Cancer, also discovered that first born sons were more at risk from developing cancer than their younger brothers.

Doctors in Greece first noticed the link after comparing 23 men suffering from cancer with 76 healthy men. They questioned their lifestyle, sex lives and family history and found that a low sex drive had a significant impact on their health.

Prof Dimitrios Trichpoulos, of Harvard University in the United States, who led the research, said: "Our work has shown for the first time that men with breast cancer tend to have a lower sex drive, indicated by frequency of orgasms."

Although breast cancer is rare among men with around 250 cases being diagnosed in the UK every year the Cancer Research Campaign believes further studies into the illness is vital.

Thanks to Fox News Network reporting

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