Long-term Local Hyperthermia & Advanced Bca

Long-term local hyperthermia in the treatment of advanced breast cancer (case report).

Ostapenko V V, Yamazaki M, Nishide T, Tanaka H, Miyano M, Sonobe M, Toda K, Mune M, Nishide I, Yukawa S

Laboratory of Clinical Hyperthermia, Shouseikai Nishide Hospital, Kaizuka City, Osaka, Japan. uf8i-nsd@asahi-net.or.jp

BACKGROUND: It is difficult to control non-resectable locally advanced primary and recurrent breast cancer by conventional modalities. Recently, hyperthermia (HT) has been recognized as an effective adjuvant to radiotherapy (RT) and chemotherapy (CT) in treatment of various malignancies, including breast cancer.

PATIENT AND METHODS: The patient was a 58-year-old female Japanese, with breast cancer, T4N2M0, stage IIIb (papillo-tubular carcinoma). Previous treatment included RT and neoadjuvant CT Local HT was performed with a total number of 87 sessions given over 12 months. The mean time of each session was 40 minutes. Elevation of temperature to a tumoricidal level of 43 degrees C was confirmed. The patient received cyclophosphamide (50 mg p.o./day) and tamoxifen (20 mg p.o./day) during the whole period of HT.

Due to the decreased amount of WBC, further CT was not possible, except for one course of CMF performed 3 months after the start of HT.

RESULTS: The patient had a decrease in the intensity of pain even after the first 3 sessions. In one month, movement in the right shoulder became possible in an anterio-posterior direction. By 5 months, the healing of ulceration became evident.

At present, the patient is in continuous CR for 15 months after HT. The movement in the shoulder joint is markedly improved in all directions. In addition, HT did not cause any notable complications.

CONCLUSION: Long-term HT may be useful in the management of locally advanced breast cancer and these results should encourage further clinical study.

Anticancer Res 2001 Nov-Dec;21(6A):4117-9

PMID: 11911304, UI: 21908160

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