Liver  (Hepatocellular)Cancer Issues


Vanderbilt researchers say the newest treatment for inoperable liver tumors is Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, which targets a very high radiation beam at the malignant masses. The procedure uses biocompatible radioactive microspheres that contain yttrium-90 and emit high energy beta radiation.

"The liver doesn't tolerate external beam radiation in sufficient doses to affect tumor without damaging the remaining good liver," says Dr. C. Wright Pinson, lead researcher. "These spheres emit radiation for a short distance, less than a centimeter. If you can cluster radiation right around the tumor, the radiation exposure at the tumor site compared to normal liver is favorable."

The spheres are implanted using a catheter placed in the artery feeding the liver and travel via the blood stream.

They are trapped in the small blood vessels of the tumor but physicians do not have to identify the number or location of tumors because the spheres target the cancerous growth.

The spheres then destroy the tumor without affecting most of the normal liver tissue.

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LINK: "to provide information, education, support, options, and hope for those affected by liver tumors". Toll free Surivor Line 1-877-937-7478

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