Living and Raw Foods/Sprouts

There are many people who believe that eating raw foods and/or living foods is the healthiest program.

Eating raw foods would be NOT cooking one's vegetables, eating salads, etc.

Living foods is more specific and deals with sprouts, types of fermented drinks and lots more.

To get all the information on this lifestyle please see the link below.

Ann's NOTE: Since 1995 I have been eating about 70% raw foods. I eat sprouted bread, have had fermented sprout drinks, and eat some sprouts to this day.

Living and Raw Foods

LINK with lots of information

Aliss T. on Sprouting

Patient perspective and a LINK to Supersprouts

Sprouted Pea Improved Nutritive Utilization: Protein/Carbohydrates
Johnny's Seeds


Uncooked Foods offer more vitamins

Intl J Food Sciences & Nutrition, 5/02

Raw Gourmet Newsltr-book/more

October 2002

Good Foods for the Raw Kitchen
Living Foods Institute

LINK to GA and FL-based locations, courses available Book available too

The Grain & Salt Society

LINK to a source for organic beans

ie Produce

LINK to a source for beans in AUSTRALIA

Article on Raw Food

Toronto Star, 11/28/03

Is it Raw or Not? By John Kohler
Rhio's Raw Food

LINK to author, info, etc.

Raw & Cooked Veg/Fruits/Micronutrients & BCa Risk

Nutr & Cancer, 12/03

Raw versus Cooked Vegetables in Cancer Prevention
Essential Living Foods

LINK to distributor/importer

Living Raw in Tulsa

Free Living Foods Newsletter

Hippocrates Alum OR People who Eat Living Foods

Letter re Best Case Series, help needed Posted 4/29/05

Raw Food Diet May Need Folate/B12 Supplementation

J Nutr, 10/05

Pure Cafe

LINK to Dallas, TX-based restaurant with organic live cuisine and more

Rejuvenative Foods

LINK to supplier of raw foods in glass jars - sold in local healthfood stores

Raw Nirvana

LINK: "Sedona Media presents the ultimate Raw Food DVD collection Raw Nirvana. This cutting edge 6-disc series was filmed in Sedona, Arizona. Raw Nirvana is now available online for one low introductory price! Watch and learn your way to making the world's healthiest meals within your own kitchen, without cooking! Posted 10/07

Soma Center

LINK: Combines some organic, some raw & other foods, fair trade coffee & chocolate with yoga & other physical programs. Hosts events & more.

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