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Ralph Moss, PhD

An author and researcher- info on many alternative therapies/advice for a fee.

R.A. Evans, MD site

Dr. Evans is the author of "The Cancer Breakthrough You Never Heard Of", a guide to LIMITED SURGERY in the treatment of CANCER.

Am Botanical Council

Research on herbs, publishers of Herbalgram magazine

Center for Advancement in Cancer Education

Join this group and get free CAM advice for a year sponsors annual conference, sells MANY cancer books

Center for Mind Body Medicine

Washington, DC-based sponsors annual conference James Gordon, MD heads the White House Commission on CAM

Block Center: Integrative Cancer Treatment

LINK: Skokie, IL

"combining universally accepted conventional therapies with an integrated multi-disciplinary treatment plan, we at the Block Center provide uniquely personalized care for the treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukemia & other such diseases".

Townsend Letter

LINK to forum for entire alternative medicine community, presenting scientific information

Heal Breast Cancer  Foundation

LINK "to clarify the many breast cancer myths, to raise public awareness, & to raise the funds necessary to research the cause & healing mechanism of cancer based on a biopsychosocial model of integrative medicine.

Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine

LINK to Suffern, NY-based alternative physician


LINK: Ctr for Alt/Cam Medicine at National Institutes of Health, government agency-a link

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic for Women

LINK to Oakland, and San Francisco, CA clinic with many services and low costs

Nicholas Gonzalez, MD

LINK to Nick Gonzalez, MD- works with supplements, diet detoxification. Announced 6/99 he has approved CLINICAL TRIAL for pancreatic cancer patients.

Cancer Prevention Coalition

The organization run by Samuel Epstein, MD. Politics and prevention.

American Inst for Cancer Research

Research on foods/nutrition/cancer. Brochures and newsletters available.

Life Extension Foundation

Research on cancer and aging. Information and sale of supplements.

Natural Standard

LINK to site including databases on herbs, alt med, dictionary and more. Founded by clinicians.

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

LINK: The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) is committed to retrospective and prospective clinical research to obtain the most valuable data.

Cancer Tutor Home Page

LINK to very logical looks at alternative medicine and conventional

Am Taoist Healing Ctr - breast cancer specific

LINK to one Traditional Chinese Medicine site

Charles Simone, M.MS, M.D.

LINK to Simone Protective Cancer Center, NJ


Michael Lerner, Ph.D., author of Healing Choices A California-based retreat


Advise and information for a fee from dedicated advocates

Natural Solutions Magazine

LINK: Formerly Alternative Medicine magazine

HealthWorld Online

Therapies, Wellness Ctr., Nutrition Info, Fitness, Library, e-Newsletter, more

The Healthy Breast Program

LINK Sat Dharam Kaur, N.D. spoke at World Breast Cancer Conference July 1999

Alkalize for Health

site offers information on foods, oxygen and other therapies

Health Action Network

Canadian source for practioners and information

Gary Null Natural Living

Information, products and advice

Heartland Healing

Alternative Health Info, in Nebraska

The Weston A. Price Foundation

'Wise Traditions' in food, farming & the healing arts

Essiac Tea & Rene Caisse

Information, history and more

The Int'l QiGong Fdn for Social Onc

Qi Gong for health

Complementary Ther-Dutch perspective

Some pages in English, experiences of Dutch cancer patients

Andrew Weil, MD site

Newsletters on CAM, not all cancer

Cancer Cure-Alt CaTreatments

Link to bulletin board, information, many references, more links, etc.


Author Bill Henderson "Cure Your Cancer", on-line forum

Cure Zone

LINK to so much information on cancer and other diseases

AP John Cancer Institute

LINK for Controlled Amino Acid Therapy

Orgeon Medical Press -LINK

Publisher of two highly acclaimed books on cancer treatment using alternative medicine—Cancer and Natural Medicine (1996) and Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy (2001), both by John Boik.

Orthomolecular Medicine Site - Dutch/English


Dr. David Williams

LINK to Alternatives, a newsletter (first one Ann subscribed to)

Orthomolecular Medicine Online

LINK to site with journal and articles

Eat Right 4 your Blood Type

LINK to site of Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Udo Erasmus -Fats that Heal/Fats that Kill

LINK to 'the' expert on fats

Hal Huggins, DDS

Resources for Dental Health

Life Positive

LINK to a complete encyclopedia on holistic living and new age alternative sciences.

Grow Wheatgrass (Sprouters)

LINK to site for growing your own

Brave Souls-Speak w Survivors

LINK They are an organization building a database of people using alternative approaches to treating cancer. Tell your story.

Science of Metabolic Typing

LINK to Dr. Harold Kristal research articles, newsletter, self test, contacts

Optimal Life Center

LINK-products and articles, many links

Nutrition Research Center

LINK to articles on site of Dr. Vic Shayne, Boulder, CO

Dr. Lorraine Day

LINK-physician who created an alt med program for her own cancer

Cancer Control Society

LINK to conference info, summaries, wonderful stuff

PROFESSIONAL Referral Network

CAM providers LINKS to many licensing/ credentialing organizations

Find an Acupuncturist
Looking for a Holistic Dentist?
Holistic Practitioners outside US
Ayervedic Organizations
Homeopathy LINKS
Natural Healing House

LINK to products, articles, publications

Mederi/Wellspring Ctr For Natural Healing

Donald Yance, herbalist- East and West Coast

Chet Day:Health & Beyond

LINK for newsletters, articles recipes, etc.

National Cancer Research Foundation

LINK to information, help, and more

Jonathan Campbell

LINK to natural therapies for chronic illness, Massachusetts Work based on naturopathy

Phytochemical/Ethnobotanical Database

LINK to site by James Duke

Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

LINK to his site also offers ImmunoPower

Healing Edge

LINK to info AND consultations to many alt practitioners

Apricot Power

LINK to site for apricot kernels

Health Supreme

LINK to Josef Hasslberger's site "independent counter-information source"

Resources for Alternative Medicine

LINK to India Herbs, directory, and more

Cancer Cure Coalition

LINK to site w/protocol for Multiple Myeloma, Prostate and more

Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison

LINK to web site that offers side-by-side comparisons of 12 of the most recognizable alternative cancer treatments, ten of which are planned based. Ordering information and directions

Integrative Therapies Program

LINK to site at Columbia University New York, NY "summaries of most current scientific literature, manuscripts written by & about the program. Also provides detailed information about various CAM clinical services offered, & links to additional sources of cancer edu & news.

Integrative Cancer Therapies Journal

LINK to journal homepage

Botanical Drug Organization

LINK to new group, seems to be China and US-based for info, work on regulatory issues, etc.

Health Centre Force

LINK to Australian patient- created site "Freedom to Choose"

Icon Magazine UK

LINK to CANCERactive, a charity info newsletter -make better choices many alternative studies

Orthomolecular Oncology

LINK to UK organization "Beating cancer w/good nutrition, mental attitude and appropriate therapies"

Canvi  Patient Organization

LINK "El objetivo de Canvi no es sólo mejorar la salud de las personas, sino también poder servir de guía para que cada persona, con su particular universo, encuentre el camino de la paz y la felicidad".

Four Corners Magazine

LINK to Southwest-based online health and more for the 'progressive" community

Advocacy and Patient-run websites on CAM

Varied sites in many countries and with many viewpoints

Patient perspective on Ileostomy
Cancer Monthly

LINK "Cancer Monthly provides cancer patients with the results of hundreds of therapies for advanced and metastatic cancers so that patients can compare treatments, have more meaningful discussions with their doctors, and ultimately, make more informed treatment decisions"

Sunlight, Nutrition & Health Res Ctr

LINK to site on value of vitamin D and sunlight

Consumer Health Organizations of Canada

LINK to "non-profit dedicated to natural health education"

Breast Cancer?Breast Health!

LINK to site of Susun S. Weed, author Breast Cancer? Breast Health! the Wise Woman Way. For women who want to maintain breast health and for women diagnosed with breast cancer, designed with the purpose of empowering women in their health care choices.

Health Creation UK

LINK to website to develop & provide holistic & integrated health care products & services that will enable people to become more involved in the creation of their optimum health, whether they are currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it.

Dr. Rina Laibow's Health Freedom Blog

LINK to Natural Health Solutions site discussing CODEX issues and more

Animal/Pets LINKS

Variety of links

Healing - Wellness Centers Worldwide

Variety of locations world-wide for healing

My Cancer Place

LINK to online community share info, give & receive support, learn from the experiences of others, create a free web page with text/ photos you can change anytime

LINK to site on angiogenesis from alt med perspective

Enerchi Health - Complete Guide to CAM

LINK to "Nurse's Guide to Quality Information Resources & Products on CAM

Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare

LINK to Miami-based organization with monthly meetings on CAM


LINK to Hong Kong-based site providing scientific research into TCM and much more.

Gerson and Gerson-type Clinics

Various links

Gar Hildebrand Alternatives = AltCTEP
MD Anderson Cancer Ctr, TX

LINK to Complementary/Integrative Med Educ Resources

Candida Blog

LINK to information about candida from Wendy Smith, an herbalist who dealt with this personally

People Against Cancer

Advise for a fee and information

Ortho Molecular Products

Company Vision: "To discover & manufacture exceptional nutraceuticals, delivered with legendary service, while communicating vital information thoroughly; driven by a genuine concern for the well being of those who place their trust in us, without guile".

Medical Veritas International Inc.

LINK to site of Medical journal, articles (no advertising)

Websites that help with Eating Healthy

If you seek information, how to prepare, shop, cook food, here are some sites

LINK to site with approach that combines lifestyle issues

Vitamin D Council

LINK to articles and info on Vit D and disease

BLOGS by Cancer Patients, Advocates, CRITICS

variety of voices, including those critical of our healthcare system (sic)

Compounding Pharmacies

variety of links some articles

Diagnostic Laboratories

various links

Kenkou, Inc.

LINK: "Raising Confidence in Health Decisions"

"Whether you are considering a new job, an educational plan for children, a new personal trainer, or which medical approach will improve health, complete and accurate information enables the best decisions.

When you examine varied options, inquire about comprehensive details, & discover evidence of success for each alternative, you can make a suitable choice. Matching the needs, the costs, & the benefits is the key to arriving at a personal decision".

Personal Health Management Systems

LINK to Dr. David Chu, UK-based "Pharmacologist, Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Trainer, Consultant in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Author and co-author of scientific papers, and books, Qigong Instructor & Practitioner, more"

Articles on Cancer, 2008

Healing Journeys

LINK to group whose mission is to support healing, activate hope, and promote thriving. "Our vision is that EVERYONE touched by cancer or any life-altering illness is empowered to move from surviving to thriving".

Premiere Labs

LINK: Austin, TX-based Lab Dr. Robert (Bob) Marshall is founder Company runs seminars

Reliable Cancer Therapies

LINK: "The website will provide you with reliable and searchable information on evidence-based cancer treatments and clinics supplying these treatments". European-based

Regulat - organic whole food concentrate

LINK:"Certified organic under European Organic Standards. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. Alcohol-free. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Suitable for vegans".

Healthy Referral

LINK: "providing resources and ideas for holistic health and good news since 1989" - "you can see a few issues online plus the new book Lost Health Secrets with 60 pages of the most potent health articles we've seen over 19 yrs".

Tom & Marchia

Natural Cancer Girl

LINK: Diane Paradise "A cancer diagnosis often comes with a feeling of having no control in the process. This absolutely is not true. We have much more control than most realize. We can harness the things we have control of, such as our thoughts, food choices, environment and stress levels, to create a more positive, healthy lifestyle where disease has difficulty existing"

New Earth Biomed

LINK: Nonprofit "dedicated to the discovery of useful cancer drugs based on mixtures of nontoxic natural products".

John Boik, Ph.D., President, New Earth BioMed

The Frego Family Foundation for Holistic Research

LINK: "a non-profit Nevada corporation was created to scientifically validate the concepts and techniques rediscovered by the author. Everyone is encouraged to participate and donate time and resources to this cause".

The Alternative Medicine Foundation

LINK: "founded in March 1998 to provide responsible and reliable information about alternative medicine to the public and health professionals".

International Complementary Oncology Pharmacy

"Cancer demands diagnostic & therapeutic measures with proven quality, safety & efficacy..." "Complementary medicine is currently widely debated by the oncological community, because of a lack of the required scientific proof of safety & effectiveness. However complementary approaches can be recommended as additional to orthodox cancer therapies to optimise these therapies".

Developed by Dr. Daniel Weber, PhD, MSc

Complementary Oncology Reports

LINK: "Integrative oncology; an idea whose time has come"

Developed by Daniel Weber, PhD, MSc

FLORIDA Services, Events, Providers, Organizations

Various links, articles and more

Florida Yoga - SUBMIT your Website
Verne Varona

LINK: "a site devoted to helping you maintain, recover or revitalize your health. If you are serious about finding practical solutions for better health, you’ve come to the right place".

Verne Verona is the author of Nature's Cancer Fighting Foods and Macrobiotics for Dummies A Multicultural Approach to Health & Happiness


LINK: "EmbodiWorks provides definitive, reliable educational resources & supports advocacy focused on integrative cancer care to reduce cancer risk & improve cancer related survival, quality of life, & whole person health care".

American Medical Health Alliance, LLC

LINK: "American Medical Health Alliance (“AMHA”) specializes in medical insurance “billing” coordination services. Most patients have NO EXPERIENCE, WE CAN HELP when dealing with insurance companies. We fully support and advocate medical choices whether domestic or abroad. Considering TODAYS treatment options and associated costs, individuals, families and their doctors rely on our service & products".

FON Therapeutics -Advancing Integrative Medicine

LINK: "FON helps practitioners, clinics & centers build clinic utilization of evidence-based integrative services".

Health and Wellness Radio/TV/Internet shows

Variety of links

The Last Adventure of Life

LINK: "Sacred resources for Living and Dying from a hospice counselor" Maria Dancing Heart

 IPT for Cancer

LINK " Is IPT for you? What is IPT? IPT targets the powerful cell-killing effects of standard chemotherapy on cancer cells, & negates their destructive side effects on healthy tissues".

Best Answer for Cancer - IPT Targeted Low Dose

LINK: "For those patients who want the power of chemo with little or no side-effects".

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