Linda Kellett's Story of Gravizon, Essiac, Juices

Had really good luck fall 2004 with my 2nd breast cancer tumor, invasive ductal carcinoma (1st in 1998 with lumpectomy, chemo, radiation) --dissolved it in 17 days (1.5 cm)--took 21/2 months to get that second biopsy which was benign.

I think the gravizon really speeded things up for me; Louise Hay's CD was really important, too. Wish studies could be done on a "symphony" of treatments that work together instead of that search for the magic bullet.

Have shared the story with many people:

How I Dissolved My Tumor

Black drawing poultice,

Gravizon, Amazon Herb Co.,

I had been doing the amazon herb health pak off and on for four years and was taking that, too, in the 17 day period.

Essiac herbs in capsules, widely available in

Health food stores, recipes available on internet

Carrott, beet, spinach and wheat grass juice, one glass 5 to 7 times a week from a juice store

Louise L. Hayís CD, Cancer: Discovering Your Healing Power

Got instant religion on eating lots of organic fruits and veggies and sprouted breads

Helpful Resources


(I have found all of these used on

The Little Cyanide Cookbook

Alive and Well

A Cancer Battle Plan by Frahm and Frahm

A Dieticianís Cancer Story by Diana Dyer

Prescription for Dietary Wellness,& Prescription for Nutritional Well-ness by Balch

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Linda Kellett (510)415-7477



Posted, September 2005


"There's a movie out now, true story, soon to be in theatres (been going around film festivals) called the Blue Butterfly (stars William Hurt). 13 years ago a french canadian 10 year old went to Costa Rica for 2 or 3 weeks with terminal brain cancer to catch a blue butterfly and returned cancer free and is still cancer free at age 23.

I saw him walking around at the Orinda, CA film festival. he ate what the people there ate; drank what they drank, and also believed finding the butterfly could save him as it might be magic. There is definitely magic in the rainforest and in some of the foods there".

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