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Linda McDonald, CLMTA

April 2010 update, Linda has completed and published her book for children "Dancing Cancer". More information on this to come soon. The story is charming and tells Linda's cancer journey to her grandchildren.

Linda McDonald began her career developing dance and movement classes for children that resulted in improved learning and retention. Linda graduated from Centenary College, Rollins College, and Dance Educators of America. She was a charter member of the American Dance Therapy Association. She has taught at all levels from pre-school through college and has worked with deaf, blind, mentally and physically disabled, prisoners, senior adults and cancer survivors.

Linda was a faculty member at Goucher College, Kennesaw College, North Georgia College and Oklahoma State University. She released two educational records and created a public service film and booklet.

Linda is a 2009 CancerGuides graduate. She designs innovative programs that combine her educational and dance experience, conducting workshops and clinics for professional, business, educational and service organizations. Her clients include The Wellness Community, YMCA, Moffitt Cancer Center, AARP and many more.

She lives in Sarasota, Fl.

Dancing with Cancer LINK: to Press Release of Linda's charming book

Linda wrote for the CAM column of Oncology Nurse AdvisorLINK: to her first column

November 2010 Newsletter NCCSLINK: The National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship honored board member Linda McDonald with their Cancer Advocate Spotlight.

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