Learning to Trust Myself - BOOK

Learning to Trust Myself - Lessons from Cancer and Other Life Dilemmas

By Karin Ireland (best-selling author of The Job Survival Instruction Book)

Foreword by Keith Block, MD

Reviewed by Ann Fonfa, founder The Annie Appleseed Project

I started by reading the section "Why I wrote this book" and immediately found that Karin Ireland and I share a viewpoint:

She wrote: "If someone dies after traditional (Ann F. usually say 'conventional') treatment, people applaud a valiant fight and blame the cancer. But if someone uses alternative medicine and dies (often after 'traditional' doctors have given up, it's the treatment that gets the blame. That thinking needs to change".

Ann says - I stated the same thing (perhaps not as well) many times and in particular in the intro to our section on Obits.

From the Annie Appleseed Project website:

"Although the majority of people who die of cancer (still hovering around 500,000 each year), use conventional treatments, almost no notice is paid to the failure of mainstream/conventional therapy to save their lives.

BUT if someone should be known to use CAM or alternative treatments, this is almost always blamed for their death. Implied is that if only they had used or stuck to conventional treatment, they would still be alive. Clearly this cannot be true since so many die while receiving conventional treatments

From the book: "I know my diet has changed forever. I'm finally honoring my life-long promise to myself to eat better. I have a good understanding of what kind of workplace I can be healthy in and I'm never going to take another job that causes me so much stress".

Karin dealt with breast cancer and made choices that felt right for her - she often states that she had to struggle to find the right paths. That makes her human and just like the rest of us.

In the afterword to this interesting book, Karin says: "I believe there is no absolute one way to treat cancer. It makes sense that a good diet is the fuel that drives our bodies yet doctors traditionally get little information on nutrition so they don't give it as much attention as they should.

It makes sense to boost our immune system, whether we use traditional (she means conventional) therapies or not, but most doctors haven't been taught about that and they only know the medicine learned in medical school, passed along by the medical journals, or supplied by the drug companies.

Understandably, the drug companies resist therapies they can't patent and sell and drug companies fund buildings and fellowships at medical schools. Of course they pass along information that benefits them and most physicians are reluctant to stray far from protocols they're taught or from protocols their peers use".

Ann F. says she totally agrees with the above. And you ought to read this book to find out more.

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