Leonardis Klinik Summary  11/05 CARE meeting, NJ

Ann's NOTE: CARE is a group of patients who meet monthly in Northern, NJ. The meeting is run by Ed Van Overloop who is himself a prostate cancer patient.


Ed Van Overloop graciously opened our November meeting and welcomed all of the members.

Ed will keep us up to date with his monthly newsletter by email..

Ed introduced our Nov. guest speaker, Dr. Ursula Jacob MD from Leonardis Klinik in Germany. Dr. Jacob spoke about the clinic [which actually is a private cancer hospital], the various diagnosis methods that they utilize and some of the therapies that they administer.

The clinic is a private medical center with 30 rooms and 45 beds. Dr. Jacob worked under Dr. Scheller for 15 years and is now in charge of the clinic. She and her staff have a broad experience in oncology, hematology, immunology and naturopathy.

Their aim is to combine traditional oncological, immunological, herbal, and nutritional therapies with approved elements of naturopathy homeopathy, to form a unique synergy. A truly integrated medicine Clinic. Some of the diseases that they diagnose and treat are:

Ontological and neurological diseases

Gastro-entomological diseases

Metabolic diseases

Chronic diseases (viral diseases ,MS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, etc.]

Therapy Offering

Immunology therapy (vaccination-programs, photo-/, plasmapheresis, monoclonal antibodies etc).

Chemotherapy and local chemo-embolization

Thermo therapy (whole body and local-regional thermo therapies) Hypothermia

Detoxification (virus, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals)

Naturopathic therapies (phyto therapy, complementary medicine etc.

Ozone therapy

Psycho-oncological treatment

Nutritional therapy

Special therapies ( e.p. laser indicated tumor therapy)

Dr. Jacob went on to speak about some of the helpful supplements for prevention of treatment of cancer.

Vitamin C high dose and 200mcg of Selenium

Vitamin E Succinate 600mg if on radiotherapy treatment or chemo as it prevents problems with bowel.

Ginko Extract lowers tumor growth.

Curcumin (cox2 inhibitor) lowers inflammation around the tumor and kills pain.

Vitamin D combined with calcium when on chemo for hormone refractor patients.

Vitamin A found in Beta-carotene and Cod Liver Oil.

Soy concentrate to increase estrogen level if related.

High cruciferous diet including broccoli and cauliflower.

Zometa helps prevents bone cancer. (conventional bisphosphonate drug)

Mistletoe stimulates natural killer cells.

Aloe Vera for detox.

Asparagus to detox liver.

Silimarin [Milk Thistle] or a coffee enema 2x week if on chemo a long time.

Ginko Biloba to protect heart from chemo.

Dr. Jacob concluded her talk, then a question and answer period followed with Dr. Jacob fielding all questions.

For further information on request info@leonardis-klinik.de or www.leonardis-klinik.de

A U.S. Leonardis information contact phone # 1-866-6310-5444 - - - Speak to Lori.

Dr. Dana Flavin was introduced to the group by Ed. Dr. Flavin (203) 661-0911 www.collmed.com She has her Medical degree, plus one in Chemistry, Pharmacoligy, and a Doctorate in Nutrition

Dr Flavin worked for the FDA in the USA and then trained and practiced in Germany many years. Dr. Flavin has been a cunsultant to LEONARDIS Clinic She works in a similar method as Dr. Jacob. Some of the alternative idea's that she recommends are:

Fish Oil, decreases blood cells to tumors

Vitamin C converts to Hydrogen Peroxide to attack tumor cells

Tumor cells are acidic, change ph to alkaline to fight cancer.

Lentils and nuts help to raise ph.

Eggs and meat lowers ph. [makes one more acid]

Vegetables are best; red meat contains Arginine which feed tumors.

Double filter tap water to remove chemicals and keep minerals.

Eat all organic foods and hormone free meats.

Garlic, Olive Oil, and tomato, are all good.

Shitaki and Mitaki mushrooms are good

Beta carotine, 2 grams fish oil, cod liver oil and Bromelain fight cancer.

Detox heavy metals with Coriander and Chlorella algae.

Remove amalgams from your teeth.

Shut off TV and computer from the base when not in use, avoid radiation.

Hot baths act like hyperthermia. [take Quercetin first]

Take ginger for parasites.

Curcumin, and garlic are toxic to cancer.

Noni juice is good.

Carrots are anti-cancer and raise ph.

All kinds of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, etc. all good.


Due to the extensive amount of information provided by Doctors U. Jacob and D. Flavin it is impractical to report on all the items that were covered. It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy of the tapes that were recorded at the meeting.

A lot of good information was provided and is missing from this report. Tapes are $6.00 each and the Oct. and Nov. 05 meetings are each two tape sets plus a copy of the powerpoint presentation and S&H if mailed. total $16.00.

Audiotapes of the meeting or some of the past meetings are available by contacting Ed 31evo@optonline.net OR Harry Kessel at 201-432-0169 or Hkessel@horizon.net

CARE group disclaimer

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The material here is intended for educational purposes only and must not be considered a substitute for informed medical advice from your own physician.

Ed Van Overloop on Leonardis Clinic Reasons for Success

Posted May 2006

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