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April 10, 2007

The VanOverloop family is very sorry to announce that Ed has finally succumbed to his 18 year battle with cancer. He died at home with his wife Gloria at 4:30 on Good Friday.

Ann Fonfa's personal friend has just returned from a visit to this German clinic, here is his report:

CARE Cancer Support Group – Ed Van Overloop, August, 16 th 2005 report

Most of you know by now that in mid April my long time dormant prostate cancer struck back with a vengeance.

After a very bad reaction to antibiotics, given to stop a prostate infection, I developed extensive bone metastasis from my hips to my shoulders. The anti-biotics gave me severe nausea, followed by weakness from lack of eating. [I lost over 20 lbs.] Next came heavy bone pain which I found unbearable even with painkillers.

About 2 months into this ordeal and a week after a bone scan confirmed the metastasis I received a copy of the new Burton Goldberg DVD describing how some German clinics and hospitals were using the best of conventional medicine combined with various alternatives to achieve far better remissions and in some cases cures than any other medical systems in the world.

The DVD or VHS tape “CURING CANCER, the best of both worlds” may be ordered at 415 725 3555 or at www.burtongoldberg.com

Now that I have reached stage 4 advanced prostate cancer I have had to rethink some of my ideas on therapies ect. I remember my Dad going thru the regular end stage treatment many years ago all to no avail and I realize that my current thinking is repeating what I have said occasionally at some of our CARE meetings.

The best doctors are a well trained medical professional who then took the time learn the best of alternative protocols. This happens to be the type of integrative doctors that are doing the innovated work that is shown on the Goldberg DVD.

This weekend I returned from three weeks at the Leonardis Clinic mentioned on the DVD and I must say that I am extremely happy with the therapy I received and the quality of medical care given to the patients.

My bone pain was gone in 3 or 4 days and current scans will show that hope of total elimination in the next 90 days. This was accomplished with chemo and alternatives used in a manner that is not recognized in the USA.

Of course I am thrilled with the results so far and pray that they continue long term. I’ll keep you posted and write another report that is more specific as to the clinic and their doctors and protocols.

Dr Scheller and his clinic have the reputation of having one of the highest success rates in the world with stage 4 cancer patients.

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