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Dear Prospective Patient;

There is much that can be done to restore the body's natural defense and repair mechanisms. Dr. Rogers has been successfully treating many types of very advanced cancers and other degenerative diseases for more than 25 years.

Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, for the most part are NOT curative for cancer. Modern medicine many times does little or nothing to elicit a permanent cure. You MUST change the body’s internal environment that allowed the diseased cells to grow in the first place. This is what Dr. Rogers is an expert at, and this is the reason why conventional treatments mostly fail.

Many other modern medical treatments do not work well for diseases other than cancer. Especially for those that may not be well understood or misdiagnosed. Again, if you want to be successful you MUST change the body’s internal environment that allowed the diseased cells to grow in the first place.

As far as I know, Dr. Rogers and his group are the only ones any where in the world out side of the USA that have published anything in U.S. scientific, peer reviewed literature. They have published 2 studies on melanoma.

Just as an example, even in end stage Melanoma (i.e.: Stage IV) when conventional medicine has a 6% five year survival rate, he has a 57% five year survival rate with just the Gerson Dietotherapy and surgery. This data was put together before he started his Gerson Plus Program.

Looking at the first two years of this new program we see at least a 28% increase in overall survival rates, which is a HUGE jump when you consider that over 90% of the patients are end stage, and extensively pre-treated before coming to see Dr. Rogers.

In end stage Ovarian cancer, for another example, he now has 63% five year survivals, as compared to 6-8% for conventional treatment. And this is just looking at a couple of areas.

For the most part patients are not interested in results from other types of cancers or other conditions, only the one that affects them, and he understands that completely. What is important at the moment is "does it work for me"? Yes there are variations in the success rates for different types of cancers and other diseases, for different sexes, ages, physical condition of the patients and a host of other variables, but there are underlying principals that apply to many types of cancers and other degenerative diseases and generally he has a higher success rate than conventional medical treatments for a given condition.

Gerson therapy helps the body to heal itself. It enhances the bodies own immune system, detoxifies and cleanses, floods the body with active nutrients, supports metabolism, changes the bodies internal environment to a healing one and a host of other actions.

This is the basis for the Gerson Plus Therapy. The statement can be made that even though we may not yet have compiled or published results for your specific cancer or other condition, the underlying principals that govern these treatment protocols are applicable to many different cancers and degenerative diseases.

We have seen a major change in overall patient survival rates since adding additional treatments to the basic full Gerson program. Dr. Rogers continues to do 100% Gerson Therapy. This is the basic platform that all other treatments are added to, and the reason why they are so successful.

In most cases, he has a higher success rate than the original proponents of the different protocols had on their own, when these protocols were used as stand alone treatments. Since he has added these other therapies, he has seen at least a 28% increase in overall patient survival.

When looking at the data of the first 20 years of this medical practice, over 90% of the patients have had end-stage disease, most of them have been extensively pre-treated and yet he is still able to have a 28% increase in this category of patients, this is a HUGE jump in survival rates. This is what he calls the Gerson Plus Therapy.

Dr. Rogers has a program that covers most of what the majority of his patients typically need. It is about one half of the regular cost if you were to purchase each treatment individually. This also includes room and board for one companion.

Please ask Dr. Rogers if you want current pricing for this program. There is also an additional 10% Mexican Tax added to all costs.

Insurance is not accepted in Mexico as a form of payment. Only cash or travelers checks are accepted. However, historically more than 70% of his U.S. patients with a good standard insurance policy get reimbursement for their stay. Some get 100%, some less; it just depends on their policy.

This information is geared toward cancer patients but this comprehensive program works very well for all types of degenerative diseases. Looking at the data of the first 20 years of this medical practice, over 90% of the patients have had end-stage disease, most of them have been extensively pre-treated, many have been told to go home, “we can't do any thing more for you,” and yet in this deplorable condition, Dr. Rogers still has substantial success.

For patients that do not fit the general parameters of patients that come, such as those that need extra care, extra medicines and lab and are not able to daily care for themselves, there are typically extra costs involved beyond the "special price".

This "special price" is a typical price for those who are mobile and able to apply many of the treatments without extra staff care.

If you have any other questions, please contact him either by e-mail or by phone. He is looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact Dr. Rogers as listed below.

May God Bless You. The Staff of,

Dr. Dan Rogers, M.D., N.M.D.

E-Mail: DrRogers1@gmail.com Website: http://www.gersonplus.com

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