Oh yes, laughter has been shown to be of great benefit. Many of you may have heard of "Anatomy of An Illness", by Norman Cousins. In this book he describes his "triumph over a severe illness". He watched funny videos and television during his recovery. Find out more from reading his book about his experiences.

In the article on Allergies, you will also find a link to the American Association for Therapeutic Humor.

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How Laughter Helped with Allergies

JAMA research letter February 2001

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Carnegie Mellon Study, 7/03

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Laughter Aids Healthy Blood Vessel Function

Mayo Clinic Report, 3/05

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Thanks to Ascribe and

Heartbeat and emotions, 8/07

Laughter  Yoga and Blood Pressure (observational study)

Am Society of Hypertension meeting, May 2008

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