Laser Cancer Treatment

12/08 UPDATE - the site is down.

The Project was contacted by this researcher. We offer the provided information (with a link), on Laser Cancer Treatment.

Excerpt from the site:

"What kind of cancer does this work with? I have had success with breast, cervical, ovarian, and intestinal cancer. As it uses radiation theory to activate, we want the photons to be absorbed into the cell electron structure. Not bypass the soft tissue, as a x-ray emission does. Designed for soft tissue, not enclosed in bone.

Can this be used with brain tumors or leukemia? No. The bone is denser and therefore requires a “higher” frequency to penetrate. By my calculations to force a faster frequency would only do more damage to the soft tissues surrounding and those enclosed in the bone. Maybe with an exception, it could possibly help leukemia patients, by applying a “strengthening frequency to the blood cells” near the site of the bone loss. I have not tried this application to leukemia, so I cannot say for certain if adjusting the blood cells alone will defeat the cancer."

Lase Med Inc.

LINK to location in Jacksonville, AR

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