Ki-Touch Therapy: Practitioners' Perspective

Research Article

The nature of touch therapy related to Ki: Practitioners' perspective

Sung Ok Chang, PhD, RN


Touch therapy related to Ki, a type of healing touch, has been regarded as one of the distinct therapeutic modalities in traditional oriental medicine.

The present study attempted to develop a substantive theory about helping patients using touch therapy related to Ki, by exploring the views of practitioners who are using this therapeutic modality within the context of the Korean society.

A grounded theory approach was applied during the collection and analyses of data. The core category, main categories and trajectory of helping patients during the use of touch therapy related to Ki was delineated.

Helping patients while using touch therapy related to Ki was found to be a dynamic process with each participant actively engaged in increasing the activating, potential power of the human being.

These findings have value in understanding the embedded meaning of the healing process through touch therapy within the context of Ki.

Nursing and Health Sciences Volume 5 Issue 2 Page 103 - June 2003

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