Kathy Uses Natural Therapies for Lung Mets

I was 31 yrs. old when I was first diagnosed with Dermatafibroma Sarcoma in my right deltoid muscle. I had 3 surgeries with the last one to remove a portion of my deltoid muscle.

In June 2002, I was diagnosed with Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the right breast and 1 yr. later with the spread of the sarcoma to both my lungs.

When I found out that I had a sarcoma in my breast I started to do my herbs/vitamins such as parsley, red clover, vitamin C and essaic. When I was told that I had nodules in my lungs in June 2003, I went to our local healthfood store and one of the clerks recommended a book to me to read. It was called A Cancer Battle Plan by Ann and David Frahm.

I followed Ann's protocol in the book and did the detoxification program of carrot juice, apple juice, kyo-green, coffee enemas and started to take Kyolic Garlic with Vitamin A,C,E, Selenium and Green Tea.

I also took 150 mg of CoQ10 Enzymes. I had 2 nodules in my right lung with the biggest nodule being 1 cm and 3 nodules on my left lung with all nodules being under 1 cm and 1 nodule in my diaphragm. I had a lung biopsy done in my hometown with complications of hemorrhaging due to the Dr. hitting a blood vessel.

I then went back to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas in July to have another lung biopsy performed with the lung collapsing. After confirming that the sarcoma had spread to my lungs, I was told by the medical doctor to do "aggressive chemo" of adriamycin and ifosomide.

When I asked the Dr. what the percentage was of the chemo working, the Dr. said to me "what does that matter, you could be the one out of 15 that it works for."

I was very hesitant to proceed with the chemo and although the Dr. wanted me to started immediately, I told him I had to go home to get my affairs in order if I was to have the treatment.

Upon returning home, I became sick with a bad cold, cough, etc. I contacted MD Anderson about being sick and of course they told me when I was better to call them so they could set up the arrangements for me to start my chemo and that I also needed to have a new ct scans.

This was at the end of August, 2003. My ct scans showed that the 1 nodule had increased to 2.3. cm on the right lung and on the left lung they could only see 2 nodules instead of 3 and that I had 1 new nodule appeared at the bottom of both my lungs.

Was it possible that what I was doing working since 1 nodule disappeared but why then did the one increase in size and 2 new ones appear?

I continued on my program and then read on the NCI website under the complimentary alternatives were high doses of CoQ10 enzyme (300 to 390 mg) were given to 13 patients with breast cancer and they had tumor regression.

I then increased my dosage of COQ10 to 300 mg. Its now the beginning of November and its time for my ct scans again. I was on pin and needles to know how things were progressing! I get the phone call from the nurse and she told me the dr. saw my scans and my report and wanted to know what I was doing...my nodule that was 2.3 had shrunk down to 1.2 and all other nodules had decreased in size also!

I have not had any conventional treatments since I was diagnosed with the sarcoma in June 2002. I just had my ct scans/bloodwork performed and will get the results on Wednesday, March 3, 2004, when I go for a checkup. I have implemented a 100% raw organic food program and drink only distilled water.

I want to be able to help other people in any way I can, whether it be an advocate or simply by putting my story in our local newspaper (which I did). If I can be of any help to anyone or to your advocacy, please let me know, I would love to be involved with telling people that it does make a difference with your diet and taking herbs, vitamins and of course, prayer!



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