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Why you should juice is covered in many sections of this website. It is a very good source for phytochemicals. Many of these substances have been shown to have cancer-fighting activities. Enzymes are also present and available. Juicing provides access to a large amount at one time.

From the magazine Better Nutrition, May 2000 issue:

Miracle Wheat Grass Juicer-

"A sturdy cast-iron hand juicer that extracts juice rom wheat grass, leafy vegetables, soft fruits and berries. IT comes with a 1.1mm mesh stainless steel screen and a second screen with larger holes. A cushioned rubber pad protects the counter of table surface to which it is clamped. Manually operated (electric models are available at slightly higher cost). Suggested retail $57.95"

Champion Juicer -

"Designed for a variety of fruits, vegetables and greens. Powered by a full 1/3 horsepower motor, the body is lined with a special stainless steel that's almost wear-free and will not pick up food odor. The large feeding chamber is able to take large vegetables without cutting them into smaller pieces. A floating cutte separates the juice from the pulp in a continuous operation, so no intermittent cleaning is required."

Ann's NOTE: I have a Champion that I use daily, cost $189-$199. It is relatively easy to clean. I also own an Omega Juicer, which is discussed below. It is much harder to clean, I recommend the paper filters which do help by containing the pulp. I own a Juiceman Jr. which I use for long travel. And finally, once upon a time I found a juice extractor at Woolworth's for a mere $17.99. It is lightweight and I use that when on short trips. I can easily carry this one by myself.

Omega Juicer-

"The industrial-strength stainless steel cutting blade is designed to juice fruits and vegetables. Centrifugal force squeezes the pulp against the spinning stainless steel filter basket and removes all remaining juice, extracting more juice than pulp-ejector type juicers. The design eliminates "walking" and virtually all vibration when in operation. Optional filters are available for pulp-free juice and ease of cleaning. Suggested retail: $259"

Green Power-

"Green Power is designed to extract juice from all leafy greens and herbs, fibrous plants and grasses and tough, stringy vegetables and sprouts. The juicer can also make pasta, baby foods, nut butters and frozen desserts. The twin gear press uses magnets and minimizes heat and impact shock, so oxidation is reduced and enzyme and nutrient content is higher."

Angel Juice Extractor-

"The slow revolution motor prevents oxidation and maintains nutrients and enzyme activity. Designed to extract juice from fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass, and even grind grain, soybeans, coffee beans and nuts. The twin gear design comprises two interlocking stainless steel gears to extractingg the highest quality of juices and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Suggested retail: $599."

Miracle Ultramatic-

"This pulp-ejection juicer has a 450 watt motor with a two-size feed tube for easy juicing. The pulp receptacle is molded to fit on the back of the motor base, making it easy to empty when full. Includes a stainless steel motor housing, juicing bowl, cutter plate and strainer basket. The feet are small suction cups that help keep the juicer stationary on the counter tops. Good for families who want the ability of continuous juicing. Suggested retail: $369"

Ann's NOTE: The Gerson program suggests using a completely different type of juicer. It costs about $1000 or more. It is a juice press and extractor. Take a look at the section labelled Gerson Clinic/Other Clinics to find out more. I believe the Gerson people will help find used juicers of this type.

7/04 Just noted an advertisement for Samson juicers, It features a single gear, twin gear and also has "ultrasonic multi-purpose washer for removing "98% or more of pesticides and residue".


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