Journal Writing/Expressive Writing

Margie Davis is the author of "The Healing Way", information on it can be found at

Many people with breast cancer, among other types of cancer, have taken the course, now offered by Carol Celeste.

At the web site you can read about the research that has been done into expressive writing (what some people call journal writing, although you can put anything in a journal and it won't necessarily be therapeutic).

The book The Healing Way, A Journal for Cancer Survivors (Element Books, 2000) contains over 60 writing exercises designed to help cancer patients and survivors do the type of therapeutic writing that has been shown to help people relieve stress, have a more positive outlook, and boost the immune system.

The psychologist who did the groundbreaking research, Dr. James W. Pennebaker, heartily endorses the work.

The site contains information and contacts to set up writing programs at facilities. It offers a free newsletter and courses on therapeutic writing.

Writing to Heal

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Study:Written Emotional Expression

J Clinical Oncology, 10/02

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