Norman J. Temple, PhD discusses Fruits, Vegetables and 

Cancer Prevention Trials

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Journal of the National Cancer Institute Vol. 91, No. 13, July 7, 1999

"The negative results from intervention trials that sought to prevent cancer by the use of beta-carotene supplements underline the difficulty in choosing the APPROPRIATE prophylactic AGENT." (Ann's emphasis). "...if the research strategy is to conduct intervention trials, each using one substance at one does, then it will probably take several decades to discover an effective anticancer substance. This is especially true if there is no 'magic bullet' in fruits and vegetables but rather a 'team' of substances, each of which is needed for optimal effectiveness". Ann's NOTE: EAT WHOLE FOODS

Dr. Temple suggests further: "...conduct a randomized intervention trial using a mixture of fruits and vegetables"(oranges, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots). "A placebo of similar taste and appearance could easily be formulated.

What this would achieve: "1)It would prove that fruits and vegetables do indeed prevent cancer 2)it would demonstrate the feasibility of this study design and 3)there is strong evidence that fruits and vegetables should also prevent coronary heart disease and help correct hypertension."

Ann has written about this concept for years and has testified at FDA and other government meetings. This has also been raised by advocates at scientific and medical meetings. It makes sense. How long do we have to wait before these studies are done? Our government has no problem spending $50-$60 million on drugs for prevention, but CANNOT seem to rationalize testing products and substances that no company will profit from. BUT PATIENTS MAY BENEFIT. SPEAK UP.

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