Joe with Lung Sarcoma - November 2005

Submitted by Fred Eichorn, May 2006

Hi Everyone,

I thought that you would find interest in this story:

A 49 year old man, named Joe, came to me in Nov 2005 with lung sarcoma cancer and a relative sarcoma tumor on his left hip, but not invading any bone nor muscle. The hip tumor is the size of two large fists. In Nov 2005, his surgeons said that they could not do surgery, and gave him a month or so to live, stating that he would not be here for Christmas 2005.

They added that even if they could do the surgery on his lung, he would have 15% chance of recovery, so, they refused to do surgery on him. With my program, he is doing GREAT today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am including PET scans (contact Fred directly to see these) - Nov 15 2005, Jan 4 2006 and April 10 2006. to show 90 - 95% necrotic dead cancer tissue, especially in hip. And the lower lung lobes are extremely small compared to Nov & Jan.

In Nov 2005, he came to see me, started the program, he decided to take 16 doses daily, his attitude was “Do or Die”. I sent him to a different doctor who totally understands this program. By Jan 4, almost half the cancer was necrotic dead.

For the past three months, he was coughing up tumors, about 32 dead tumors so far, pathology confirmed dead cancer tissue. He is storing it in a special refrigerator for any doctor who does not believe it. He had some breathing problems a week ago, turned out that it was phlegm from dead tissue in his lung, cleared up again and he is great again.

April 10, 2006 PET scan showed that 90 - 95% of the cancer was dead and over time, they indicated the tumor would probably diminish on its own, and admitted that they never saw this happen before.

The tumor on his hip was also necrotic with 95% dead tissue, and they feel that he should have the dead cancer removed because of the ball on his hip was starting to look like a large pimple forming a head, they did not want it to burst with pus coming out, and preferred surgery before that happens. We are working on getting a surgeon for that. You can write or speak to him too if you’d like.

Even without surgery, he is fine today.

Here is what is funnier. As a kid, we moved so many times, I currently living in my 12th house. In my 6th house between ages 9 – 13, there was a home I admired as a kid, the architect in me back then always loved that house, I said to myself, I hope to own that house someday or be friends with the owner so, I can go in to see it.

I now live 35 miles away from it. guess who lives in that house, this man Joe, his wife and kids. Still never got in to see the inside though, haa haa.

Needless to say, he is quite happy and did not do anything else.

I hope that all is great for you, I thought that you would enjoy reading this. May 2006

Fred Eichhorn

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Update for Joe

Posted May, 2006

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