Revised approach to who is eligible to take Tamoxifen

In the November 3, 1999 JNCI, a Special Article appeared (co-authored by biostatistician Joseph P. Constantino, DrPH of the NSABP (National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project which conducts large randomized clinical trials).

This article demonstrated new information that reduced the number of healthy women who may be able to safely take Tamoxifen.

There were several charts shown in the article but generally it showed that white women over the age of 60 who still had their uteruses should be very careful.

Similarly, black women over the age of 60 need to VERY carefully review their risks versus benefits with their doctors. Since it is known that there is much hypertension in the African American community, this caveat has arisen.

Please be very careful in deciding if this drug is right for you. The negative effects have been well documented for many years. The positive effects as seen in the Breast Cancer Prevention Trial remain inconclusive as to overall survival benefit.

Take a look at all the articles in this section before making a decision. Information is our best tool.

Study: Tamoxifen & Uterine Tumors

9/9/00 Flora E. Van Leeuwen, Ph.D. Netherlands Cancer Institute

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Abstract #B141 Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Res, 2003

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Mammary Gland Suppression:Tamoxifen/I-3-C (Rats)
Tamoxifen Useful for Women 40-50 with 3.4% Five-Year Risk

NCI, 8/04

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