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The Touch of Healing, Energizing Body, Mind and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, by Alice Draisin Burmeister Bantam Books ISBN# 0-553-37784-1 $15.95 U.S.

THUMB: Corresponds to worrying, depression, anxiety. Physical symptoms may be stomach aches, headaches, skin problems and nervousness.

INDEX FINGER: Corresponds to fear, mental confusion, frustration. Physical symptoms are digestive problems and muscle problems like backaches.

MIDDLE FINGER: Corresponds with anger ("give someone the bird"), irritability, indecisiveness. Physical symptoms are eye or vision problems, fatigue, circulation problems.

RING FINGER: Corresponds with sadness, fear of rejection, grief, negativity. Physical symptoms are digestive, breathing or serious skin problems.

LITTLE FINGER: Corresponds with overdoing it, insecurity, effort, nervousness. Physical symptoms are bone or nerve problems, sore throat.

Ann's NOTE: I learned the self-help method of holding one finger at a time within the five on the other hand. It can be VERY relaxing.

There are seminars given around the country to learn to be a practitioner and treat others. I have taken 1 1/2 of these.

When I had my first treatment from a provider, a very tight and uncomfortable spot in my left arm (affected with lymphedema, an effect of breast cancer surgery)was completely dissolved.

Some months later the hammer toes I was born with, on my right foot, straightened out.

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