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12/07 An Excerpt from the ongoing story of Jeannine Watson, from her blog "Healing Way"

“There are no conventional treatments that I’d recommend for you right now,” my neuro-oncologist told me in January 2006. She conveyed that despite my low-grade brain tumor, I was too healthy in her estimation for conventional treatments that had side effects.

The known risks did not exceed the potential benefits at that time.

Since being informed of my recurrence in February 2004, I used alternative therapies piecemealed together through various practitioners. Brain scans indicated the tumor grew slightly over two years.

Tumor growth, combined with my experience of feeling unhealthy, compelled me to research more comprehensive alternatives to give myself the best chance at a long life with an ongoing quality of life.

I contacted various health care consultants with expertise in brain tumors that use an evidence-based approach with their clients. These individuals are highly knowledgeable about conventional cancer care and help patients learn about the best of mainstream medicine.

They also evaluate scientific evidence about experimental therapies and provide advice based on that information.

There is a population of cancer patients without mainstream treatment options. Some patients with advanced disease have exhausted conventional therapies. Others learn the risk-benefit equation does not warrant the pursuit of mainstream treatments.

And some want to utilize medicine to treat the entire body, and not just the disease and symptoms.

I was told that immunotherapy, particularly in the form of dendritic cell vaccine therapy, represented one of the most promising treatments for my condition. Immunotherapies activate the immune system, which is the human body’s natural protector against disease.

Although there are many immune cells, research indicates that dendritic cells initiative and control the overall immune response. Dendritic cells train T cells and their cellular subsets to recognize and attack tumor cells. T refers to thymus, which is considered the master gland of immunity. A dendritic cell vaccine provides patients with millions of their own dendritic cells to activate the immune system and fight cancerous cells.

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