Japan - What is going on in Integrative Oncology?

Welcome to our newly updated (and stil in the process) section on Japan. It is July 2010 and Ann Fonfa, founder and president (volunteer) of the Annie Appleseed Project was invited to speak at several events in Tokyo.

Sponsored by Sun Medica (Japan) and Mushroom Wisdom (USA), the first event was a meeting for patients and advocates on July 16. A trip summary is shown below.

There will be links to summaries of the three separate events plus photos. We will also create links to clinics and organizations.

Studies that are done in Japan will be placed here as well.


Support Group for Women in Japan

January 2000-Study shows significant long term improvement in quality of life

Comparison Post-Mastectomy RTX: USA & Japan

Japanese J Clin Onc, 10/03

Voice of Life Net

LINK to "fellowship of breast cancer pts who share their experiences through meetings & on the web"

Intake of Animal Protein/Japanese Men

About changing prostate cancer mortality in Japan, Cancer Prevention Journal 2000

Diet & Lung Cancer:Fish

Nutrition & Cancer, 6/03

Do young women need breast cancer checks?


June 2010

Clinics in Japan

Variety of clinics, posted July 2010

Sun Medica Co., Ltd

LINK:Company that produces D-fraction and other mushroom products in Japan

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International Society of Integrative Medicine

LINK: Founder and President, Hiroyuki Abe, MD, FACC

Weekly Web Magazine

LINK: The editor and chairman of this publication interviewed me after I spoke to patient advocates on July 16.

Free Hugs in Japan

LINK: Video of "Free Hugs" - an event that has taken place in many countries and locations.


LINK to patient advocacy organization in JAPAN

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Hibiki-an GREEN tea

LINK: "Our organic green tea is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan. Grown with only natural organic fertilizers & no agricultural chemicals or pesticides, our organic green tea has a simple & traditional flavor".

Isao Ikegami's BLOG - JAPANESE

LINK: Healthy foods

Tokyo Endo - Medical & Science Technology Writer


Mulitple Myeloma Group in Japan


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