James West, JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation

Jim West is a long-time patient advocate working mostly with men of African descent. He lives in Florida and has served on many panels at the national level.

He asks questions and is a fiery, fired up advocate!

This is what Jim said on his Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network page:

I am a survivior of eleven yrs.I am an advocate; at state and nation level. Facilatate two man to man groups in town.Train speaker for ACS M.T M program; presently persuing legislation. re-mandating Insur.

Company selling health coverage in state. Must pay for one screening per year: for men 40yrs. and older . ( Florida )

Advocate Spotlight on Jim West
Advocate Spotlight on Jim West

By James Ullrich, July 2007

JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation

LINK to organization whose focus is on African-American men and prostate cancer

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