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Recurrence or New Primary?

Dr. Dava F. Gerard answers a question

Bca in Surgical Scars
Reducing the Risk of Locally Recurrent Breast Cancer
Patient Empowerment Improves Treatment

The European view 9/00

Dr. Charles Vogel Updates:Treatments

Talk at the SHARE office 10/13/00 Conventional choices for metastatic disease

Exemestane-Info from Germany
Arimidex(Anastrozole) as First-Line Therapy

Journal of Clinical Oncology November 2000

Discrepancies in Tests/False Positives
Wait 22 weeks Before Using Anthracylines After Herceptin
From HER2 to Herceptin (Trastuzumab)
Contra-indications for Herceptin Use
WARNING: Taxol & Herceptin (Metastatic Breast Cancer)
Assay Predicts Response to Herceptin Therapy
Some Recent Statements on Her2/Herceptin
Herceptin & Central Nervous System Mets
Platinum-Taxane w/Herceptin
Docetaxol &Trastuzumab BIG BENEFITS
Gamma-linolenic Acid BOOSTS Effectiveness of Herceptin
Adjuvant Herceptin: Am Soc of Breast Disease Statement
Trastuzumab-Resistant HER2-Driven Breast CaCells Sensitive to Epigallocatechin-3 Gallate
Olive Oil Cuts Levels of Her-2/neu
Am College Pathology & ASCO Set Standards for HER2neu Testing
Lumpec/Mastect: Doctor's Gender Matters

Study, Arch Surg, 2001

Treatment Issues in 1901

JAMA, March 2001 Actual article from 1901

C-GSF & CA15-3 (false positives)

Watch out for false positives

Risk of Colorectal Ca After Breast Ca

Lancet,March 2001

Accelerated Radiotherapy

Study in J Clinical Oncology, April 2001

Tumor Bed Irradiation:24-48 hours
Targeted Intra-operative RT (TARGIT)
Node Negative Breast Cancer

7th International Conference on Adjuvant Breast Therapy, 4/01

Systemic Treatment for Node-Negative Patients
Node Positive Breast Cancer (Consensus)

7th International Conference on Adjuvant Breast Cancer Therapy 4/01

Vita D Analogue Enhances Response to Chemo/Radiation

Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, May, 2001

Vitamin D3 & ILX 23-7553 & RTx in Breast Tumor cells
Vitamin D3 & Analogues as Adjunct to Chemo/RTx
Vit D 3 Analog EB 1089 Enhances Adriamycin Effects
RU486 Inhibits Proliferation & Metastasis

Int'l J of Cancer, May 2001

Enrolling for Clinical Trial on RU486-Mifepristone
Risk/Benefit Different for Patients w/Metastatic Disease

Intro to article in Oncology 5/9/01

Chips Predict  Tumor Aggression/Treament

Nature, 1/02

Mitomycin Should Not be Given for Locally Advanced Bca

The Breast, 2/02

ATM gene: Avoid Radiation

Intl J Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics, 3/02

Hormone Therapy Versus Chemotherapy

European Breast Cancer Conference 3/02

Doxorubicin Cardiotoxi & Radionucl Monitoring

J Nucl Cardiol, 4/03

RFA and Complete Necrosis of Invasive Bca

Doctor's Guide, 2001

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ablation-Local BCa
Oncological Drug Advisory Committee meets on Avastin

July 20, 2010

Testimony of Roberta Gelb SHARELeaders
Fran Visco, President NBCC Letter on Avastin

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