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One of Ann's strongest beliefs is that we CAN defeat statistics. If a patient is using ONLY conventional therapy, than she or he "fits" the profiles shown in studies on survival.

BUT if that person adds a little something extra/different, they change that category. Many doctors have said they do not KNOW how to assess a patient who has begun using complementary or alternative therapies. Chances are good you have INCREASED your chances for survival.

Boosting the immune system using any of the many ways to do that, adding to your mental strength, living life to the fullest, etc ALL help defeat the statistics.

Go for it!

Below you will find articles, advice, links and anything else we can throw in to help. Also see Questions of Treatment and More, in this section.

June 2004 statement from Musa Mayer, author, advocate:

"While no individual drug has the capacity to extend life more than a few months, we have an increasing portfolio of non-cross-resistant treatments that together do much more when offered in sequence.

There's increasingly convincing data that lives are being extended, in many cases significantly, and without the kind of toxicities you are talking about. In the year 2000, 40% of MD Anderson's metastatic breast cancer patients survived five years or more, as opposed to only 10% in 1975.

I think that number would be somewhat higher today. Virtually every treatment used in metastatic breast cancer has seen FDA approval in the past 12 years, and there are more in the pipeline. Aromatase inhibitors, SERMS and SERDS have made a huge difference to ER or PR+ positive mets patients, who are in the majority.

Does this mean that we should stop fighting for better, less toxic treatments? Or that anything resembling curative treatment is within reach? Of course not...But let's not completely ignore what progress there has been."

Mets Bca:Goals/Objtvs of Mgmt

The Oncologist, 12/03

Metastatic Breast Cancer Site

Link to a website for patients with advanced disease

Musa Mayer Excerpted

Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease

Gastric Metastases

Am J Clinical Oncology, 7/01

Liver Metastases & Liver Tumors

9/17/01 Doctor's Guide on Italian study

Electrolysis of Liver Tumors
Effective Therapy Lacking for Resectable Hepatocellular Ca
Prognostic Factors for Bca w/Liver Mets
Letrozole Vs.Tamoxifen

J Clin Oncol, 2001 Thanks to Reuters Health

Support Groups Lessen Depression, Pain

New England J Med, 2001

Timing of Mets  After Surgery

The Breast, 2/02

Low Dose Oral Methotrexate & Cycophosphamide

Annals of Oncology, 2/02

Second & Next Chemo: What do we KNOW?

Annals of Oncology, 1/02

Optimal Duration of CMF-Treatment Failure/Overall Survival
New Recommended Tests for Staging of Advance Disease

Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 4/02

Metastatic Disease in the Breast

The Breast, 11/02

Survival & Supraclavicular Mets
Inflammatory Breast Ca & Angiogenesis

BR J Cancer, 3/03

Inflammatory Bca/Noninflammatory LABca-Differences
Therapy Sequence No Difference: Inflammatory BCa
Role for Curative Surgery in Advanced Bca

The Oncologist, 6/03

Removal of Primary Tumor Helps Metastatic Pts
Opthalmic Manifestations of Mets Breast Ca

Opthamalogy, 10/80

Screening for Opthalmic Involvement METS BCa
Mets Tumors to the Eye and Orbit
Tumors Metastatic to the (Eye) Orbit
Decorin Prevents Metastatic Spreading of Breast Cancer

Oncogene, 2/05

Vitamin D decreased risk of advanced breast ca (sunshine)

Am J Epidemiology, Oct, 2007

Natural Substance BreastDefend: Human Metastatic BCA cells

J Integrative Cancer Therapies October 2010

Living with metastatic breast cancer - survey

Volume 7/Number 9 September 2010 COMMUNITY ONCOLOGY

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