IP-6 Rice Bran Extract & Green Tea are Natural Iron Chelators

Iron is necessary, but it also must be controlled to maintain health. Adults accumulate 1 excess mg of iron per day of life.

Unless iron levels are controlled, this mineral will accelerate aging, encourage the growth of unfriendly organisms and increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Natural iron chelators can be used to keep iron in check --- like green tea and IP6 rice bran extract.

Source: BillSardi http://www.naturalhealthlibrarian.com/1008_irontimebomb.asp

Cancer researchers are searching for iron removal drugs to treat cancer while natural iron chelators, for example those found in cereal bran, go unused and have no toxicity. Rice bran, flaxseed meal and sesame seed contain an iron-binding molecule (called phytic acid, or IP6). Extracts of rice bran (IP6), widely available in health food stores, have been shown to inhibit breast tumors in laboratory experiments.

Posted June, 2005 by Bill Sardi

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