Discovered by AbuKalam Shamsuddin, MD Ph.D., presented at Am

Association of Cancer Researchers, 1998

February 2010 Study published in J Exp Clin Cancer Research PMID:20152024[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] PMCID: PMC2829500

The study was done in women with early stage breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy (remember since lots of funding exists for breast cancer, thanks to the unceasing advocacy of women around the world - lots of studies are done FIRST in that population. We do not think it means the results are limited to only that group).

Study Conclusion: IP6 + Inositol as an adjunctive therapy is valuable help in ameliorating the side effects and preserving quality of life among the patients treated with chemotherapy. (see more below)

A derivative from the B vitamin inositol-Inositol Hexaphosphate, it is a natural component of grains such as corn, wheat, and rice, also legumes like soybeans.

Studied in vitro (test tube) and in animals, the results showed that it helped regulate cell function causing differentiation (making cells more normal) and affecting proliferation (growth). "Helps make cancer cells behave like normal cells".

Dr. Shamsuddin is a University of Maryland School of Medicine resercher. He has written a popular-press type of book(1998) called "IP6, Nature's Revolutionary Cancer Fighter". Published by Kensington

NOTE: This supplement does not have FDA approval. As far as we know there are no large trials taking place. It is available at health food stores and natural pharmacies. To take action and help get this product noticed, contact FDA and ask for human trials.

IP6, Inositol for Breast Cancer Pts taking Chemotherapy

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IP-6 Rice Bran Extract & Green Tea are Natural Iron Chelators

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