Interview w/Kathlyne Bramante


An Interview With Kathlyne Bramante By Sally Gould

An "angel" gave Kathlyne Bramante, a breast cancer patient with metastatic disease, three gifts: Dr. Hulda Clark's early cancer book, The Cure For All Diseases, a zapper, and a bottle of digestive enzymes.

These three gifts provided Kath with the scientific and intellectual impulse to embark upon Dr. Clark's formative program. She classically zapped, took the anti-parasite herbs outlined in the book, and also took digestive enzymes. But she was uninitaiated in the breadth of the richly astonishing refinements in Dr. Clark's program. She didn't have the enhancements of plates for plate-zapping or a homeography kit.

Consequently, she didn't have the benefit of protective homeographic drops, parasite emerger bottles, homeographic drops to strengthen organs, or homeographic drop instructions to make immune chemicals. Yet, what were the results of just doing Dr. Clark's formative program? Elegantly normal blood tests, declining cancer markers, and a newfound sense of wellness.

The recipient of three gifts, Kath now has a hopeful gift for mankind: She has dedicated herself to disseminating Dr. Clark's program to help other cancer patients.

1. Kath, can you tell us a little about your professional background?

As you'll see, throughout my life I've worn many hats. For eight years I taught preschool and kindergarten. Those little darlings never ceased to amaze me and they taught me many things about life.

While teaching preschool synchronicity was set into motion. There is a saying, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." In my case an entire building appeared. Within walking distance of my preschool, a contemporary structure with Spanish arches was erected for the exclusive purpose of esoteric and spiritual studies.

When I walked through the arches I knew where I belonged as I was naturally and magically transported into the world of metaphysics. Eventually I began working with and teaching psychic development at the Psychic Education and Development Center. This began a long and gratifying career for me with over twenty years of seeing private clients from all over the world.

It wasn't long after I began working at the center that a client working in broadcasting asked me to co-host a show at a top station in Philadelphia. That followed with live broadcasts from the Tropicana and Claridge Casinos in Atlantic City and lecturing at the Taj Mahal and Caesars.

In all, I was a talk show host of for over 12 years interviewing authors and experts in my field. Television entered the picture, too, when I was approached to do TV segments featuring Feng Shui and then Astrology voice-overs for a TV station in Philadelphia.

I've also been a staff writer for several magazines and have written columns and articles for newspapers, but I must admit the most satisfying job has been the work I've done non-gratis - intuitive police investigations.

There's a little bit of CSI in me as I enjoy getting to the bottom of things when investigating homicides and searching for missing persons. I use Astrology to erect charts for the action, scene and time of the event. Psychometry is useful when the offiers provide me with photos, a map and clothing to help me get a "feel" for what happened.

Sometimes bilocation and mediumship enters the sene for viewing an even more complete picture or communicating with the soul to find out the truth. Unfortunately, the police seek my help when there is no other recourse and often it's a frustrated family who insist I be brought into a case.



2. When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2002. I had three consecutive mammograms that showed I was fine. But I maintained that there was a problem, pointing out the spot to the tech doing the mammogram. When you know something's wrong, you have to be aggressive and take action. After all, it's your life that's on the line.

Menopausal women with dense breast tissue should be adamant when requesting an Ultrasound. The standard mammogram doesn't see through dense tissue. The technician left the room to speak with someone, then returned to escort me to the Ultrasound room. Within minutes of having the Ultrasound, a doctor came in and told me the grim news. Yes, he used the "C" word and life has not been the same since.

3. What did the pathology report say?

I was scheduled for a lymph node biopsy using a special dye. But the dye would not move into my lymph nodes and seemed to be restricted to a certain area of the breast. The doc told me that they had trouble finding my lymph nodes since they were located so deep. However, the node they finally removed for the biopsy was cancerous. The pathology report said that I had invasive ductal carcinoma. It had also spread to several areas of the breast and the lymph nodes.

4. Did your blood tests reveal any abnormalities?

I don't know if initially my blood work showed a problem, but I know that it does not now. Since I've been using Dr. Clark's protocol, my tumor markers have gone down and my blood work is perfect. Nevertheless, even without seeing the lab tests I know my body is healing.

5.What was your prognosis?

The original prognosis was quite good, The doctor said the cancer was confined to my breast and lymph nodes. He planned to take aggressive action using chemotherapy and radiating of the breast and lymph node area. I inisted on a full body bone scan and told the doc that if the cancer had spread to my bones I would not have my breast or lymph nodes removed. Althought the bone scan showed something suspicious in my right femur bone, sacrum and ribs, when an extensive X-ray of the leg and lower body was ordered, I was told everything appeared fine in the films. But stay tuned for more information because later I discovered just how wrong they were.

My breast and a total of fourteen cancerous lymph nodes were removed at the University of Pennsylvania in November 2002. Originally the plan was to reconstruct a new breast at the same time the breast was removed. To our chagrin, it was discovered that a previous surgical error cost me the opportunity to use my stomach skin to reconstruct the breast. The previous doc had cut off the blood supply that was needed for the reconstruction. But before long I would find out that having my breast reconstructed would be the least of my worries. Soon I would be fighting a battle for my life.

The surgery went without complication and I came home to heal and prepare for the holidays. But I became increasingly tired with my bones aching all the time. After pleading with the surgeon for an MRI of my lower back and hip area, it was scheduled for December 18th. The test was very difficult for me since I could not lie flat on the table. The tech wedged me in with pillows to help me maintain the proper position. I could feel the magnets pulling and tugging at my ribs and bottom. The fellow had to help me up from the table because my pain became even more severe when I finished the MRI. I managed to just barely celebrate the holidays with family, but the week before New Year's, I started to get some signs that all was not well.

I turned to put a magazine on the table in my family room, heard a crack and had trouble getting up. It took some time before I could stand up as the pain in my hip was relentless. Once I was able to move again, I brushed it off and just kept going. On New Year's Eve, I bent down to plug in the lights and I heard a cracking sound again and felt something strange run across my back. I broke two ribs. This pain could not go ignored. I ushered in the New Year spending four days in the hosptial forbidden to leave the bed.


6. Did you have any radiation treatments?

An MRI showed my hip was being eaten away with cancer, I had an expanding tumor in my sacrum, my right femur bone was infiltrated with cancer and it had moved up my spine and into my ribs. For almost ten years I've complained to doctors about the pain in my sacrum and my painful right leg and femur bone.

I was told it was either the beginning of arthritis or menopause. I questioned my oncologist, "Could the leg and sacrum be a different kind of cancer other than breast cancer?" He told me, "Believe me, you don't want to find out. It would be very painful to go through the bone to get your answer." He decided to treat all the cancer as breast cancer.

I never felt so helpless. I was crippled and couldn't get up or down without help. I couldn't even tie my own shoes. Reality was setting in and it wasn't a pretty thought. Would I be crippled forever?

The original plan for radiating my breast area and lymph nodes was scrapped and the new plan called for radiating the sacrum and both hips. I had ten consecutive days of targeted radiation and have some very unimaginative tattoos to prove it.

7.Did you have any chemotherapy?

After it was found that the cancer had moved into my bones, I was not offered chemotherapy. But I had already told my children that I decided not take that route anyway. My oncologist seemed very anxious for me to live life and do things now. He kept repeating, "I want you to live a long and healthy life."

Then my daughter asked him, "Just how long is long?" There was a moment of silence and then he said, "Three years." All of the color drained from my daughter's face, she looked faint. I felt awful for her. But her reaction made me even more determined to live.

8. What medicine was prescribed? What was the medicine's objective? Are you currently taking this medicine?

Many medications were prescribed but I've only agreed to take two. I receive a bone infusion of Zometa once a month to strengthen and rebuild my bones and take a pill daily called Arimidex. The doctor was writing out a prescription for Tamoxifen when I questioned him, "Do you think it's wise to put me on that drug?" I had read about all the negative side effects and didn't think my body could handle it.

Arimidex is not traditional Tomoxifen therapy; it's an estrogen blocker for those whose cancer is estrogen positive. The doc returned with a script for Arimidex and he said try this. Of course I investigated the drug. Education is a good thing and you should never fear questioning your doctor. Actually you can gain respect and possibly your life. My goal is to eventually eliminate both of these drugs I'm currently taking.

Arimidex causes night sweats and insomnia. The doc prescribed an anxiety pill to counteract it and help me sleep. I've successfully replaced this medication with Dr. Clark's ornithine and find that I sleep better than I did with the script I was taking. Also, I don't feel groggy in the morning like the after effects I had with the anxiety pill.

Furthermore, Dr. Clark's program helps me handle my monthly treatments of Zometa better. Zometa rebuilds the bone and causes agonizing bone pain. Often I spent a week in bed after my treatment, but now I can spring right back into action. I now have a good quality of life.

I take nothing for pain and have avoided pain medication almost from the beginning. I was prescribed Oxy Contin, Percocets and anti-anxiety medication, but I believe if you take these pills you will just vegetate all day and eventually give up. I have a handbag filled with scripts that I never had filled. If I was to win this war against cancer I needed my strength and mental faculties.

For the past few years, I was taking a thyroid pill and have since stopped taking it. It's no longer necessary since I've been on the Dr. Clark program. I actually feel better now than I have in many years.


8. Prior to starting Dr. Clark's program, how would you characterize your state of mental and physical wellness?

I was becoming more frustrated each day, and the constant pain was making me feel agitated over the tiniest things Normally I'm an optimistic and active individual.

This cancer was slowing me down and affected my sleep patterns. Lack of sleep at night avails you more time to have haunting thoughts. I've never feared death since my death experience in the hospital's intensive care unit when I was twenty-two. I know what's on the other side and believe fear is a word that's best associated with the earth plane not the spiritual plane. What I do fear is living in pain, being inactive, and causing grief to my family.

Education is essential to help you fight the disease. Read the testimonials and learn through others who have experienced what you have. That is what kept me hopeful during the bad times.

When I was first diagnosed, I felt like a ship without a compass headed out to stormy seas. I had no direction. I was taking grape seed extract, oxygen drops, coral calcium and graviola - anything that I read that could help cure cancer. When you are ill, you become desperate.

But in all honesty, it wasn't until I started zapping and using the parasite-cleansing program that I had the most significant results. The evidence appeared not only in my blood test and tumor markers but also in my physical stamina and overall state of mind. My neighbors, family and friends have noticed the improvement in my mobility and the wide smile on my face.

For those who say it's the Zometa and Arimidex that caused the healing, I would have to challenge you with the fact that I was on these prescriptions for many months and never saw the immediate changed I've described until I started the Dr. Clark program.

DR. CLARK'S PROGRAM 10. How did you learn about Dr. Clark's program?

They say you never know how your angel will appear. Mine showed up in a class at Princeton. I barely knew her except to wave and say hello. She belonged to the same Astrology group where I have a membership.

On this day I was having trouble sitting in class because I had recently finished radiation treatment on my bottom. It was a full day session and Marlene was sitting directly in front of me. She said, "Kathlyne, I heard from your group that you've been ill." I told her I was fighting it and tried everything I could find. But she could see from the strain on my face that I was uncomfortable with pain. She told me she was going to send me some things through a mutual friend of ours.

I call Marlene my angel because she sent me Dr. Clark's book, a zapper, and a bottle of digestive enzymes. It seemed like divine intervention given that Marlene is involved in alternative healing. She said her daughter is very knowledgeable in herbal therapy. She told me, "When you are done zapping, use the digestive enzymes, it will help you get rid of the parasites better." So on I marched to my first zapping session and the rest is history.

11. What is it about your educational background, your professional background, or your character that gave you the courage and imagination to embark upon Dr. Clark's program?

When I was hosting radio, part of my program was dedicated to alternative healing.

Each week I learned from the authors and experts how foods are used to heal and that a positive state of mind is a valuable asset when helping one get well. I had guests who used practically every healing modality known to man from Reiki to crystal healing.

I've sat in a healing drum circle with a Shaman, been dowsed for problem areas of my body by a dowser and had my aura cleansed by a color healer.

Since I'm empathic, I can actually see and feel the healing energy when a healer is working on me, so I need no convincing. I know this energy is real and not simply a figment of someone's imagination.

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By Sally Gould

Sadly, reporting Kathlyne's death from Breast Cancer

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