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Ann Fonfa recently traveled to India as the invited keynote speaker at a meeting sponsored by the AM Charitable Trust "Yoga, Nutrition and Cancer".

A summary of parts of the meeting are posted.

We will offer links to clinics in India that use Ayervedic, Homeopathic or other therapies.

Although the patient advocacy movement is just beginning there, it will grow quickly as it has in other countries.

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah (May all be happy); Sarve santu niramayah (May all be healthy); Sarve bhadrani pasyantu (May all enjoy prosperity); Ma kascid dukhabhag bhavet (May none suffer).

(from an email sent to us 5/07)

The Indian Scene (East India)

J Clin Oncol, 9/01

Courage India

LINK to Mumbai site for cancer pts

Cancer Patients Aid Association

LINK to 36 yr-old org headquartered in Mumbai offering services (w/dignity) to patients and families

Role of Yoga & Nutrition in Cancer Management

4th Intl Seminar on Complementary Therapies in Cancer Management, 2/04/06 Hyderabad, India

Ann Fonfa's Presentation in India
M.R. Morarka-GDC Rural Research Foundation

LINK: "recognized as a leading resource organization offering solutions for sustainable agriculture in the world", Rajasthan India.

Indian subsidiary of Monsanto & GM Eggplant

Institute of Science in Society June 2006

Female Cancer Pattern in Northern part of Kerala, India

Abstract #9-32

World Cancer Congress, 2006

Cervical Cancer: The Indian Perspective
South Asian Cochrane Network Workshop

August 21-26, 2006

Basic Cancer Information in Hindi

LINK to translations from Ohio, USA

Ayush Tomorrow - Quarterly Journal, Multi-disciplinary

Information on Journal from India 8/06

Organic Agriculture Urged for India

Institute of Science in Society Posted October 2006

Genetically modified food products must be labeled (INDIA)
Nutritional Components of Organic & Non-Organic Wheat
Vidarbha Organic Farmers
Cochrane Library AVAILABLE in India

Press release - Cochrane Library, February 2007

Leukemia Treatment from Cochin India


Traditional medicine of India

Discussion on Amrit (Dr. H. Bloomfield/Dr. J. Peterson
The Answer to Cancer...
Indian Professors Warn of Misuse
Amoora rohituka Tree Produces Drug: a Triterpene acid
Leukemia Patients in India &CAM
Antitumor Effect of Stilbenoids from Vateria indica
Carctol - Herbal Cancer Therapy
Boston Medical Library to Gather Ayurveda Materials
Triphala (Ayurvedic Drug) Protects Mice from RTX Troubles
Ayurvedic concepts of health & role in inflammation/cancer.
Boerhaavia diffusa - Ayervedic Herb
South Asians with Cancer in USA

LINK to Support, education, services (located in California)

Nutrition in India: Facts and Interpretations

Source: Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO April 2008

SVYASA project to stop diabetes mellitus through Yoga (INDIA)

An email from Natesh, 8/08

Bt Brinjal Harmful

Institute of Science in Society, February 2009

India: Clinics and local resources

variety of links

A.M. Charitable Trust Alternative Complementary Therapies

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