Insulin Potentiation Therapy-IPT

Fiscal Year 2005 NCI Best Case Series (BCS) Program:

Of those therapies that have been submitted, the following have completed the NCI BCS Program review and been found to warrant NCI-initiated research:

Insulin Potentiation Therapy as practiced by Steven G. Ayre, M.D., (Burr Ridge, Illinois) and Ross Hauser, M.D., (Oak Park, Illinois).

IPT protocol.

"It calls for exactly the same government-approved chemotherapy drugs, only in doses about 10 percent of normal. And it uses a commonly available hormone, insulin, as a biological response modifier".

"There appear to be several predominant mechanisms at work. 1. Insulin makes cell membranes more permeable, so drugs can be transported and delivered more effectively. 2. There are many more insulin receptors on typical cancer cells, so more drug concentration is delivered to them. 3. Insulin stimulates cancer cells to begin to divide, making them more vulnerable to many chemotherapy drugs. 4. Possible stimulation of immune function and elimination of toxins. 5. Poorly-understood improvements of blood chemistry that favor healing and discourage cancer.

IPT for cancer can be seen simply as chemotherapy, but a more refined style of chemotherapy".

The same injection and IV supplies are used. And the same drugs are used; but the biological response of the body is modified to make them much more effective in much smaller, much less toxic doses. Effectiveness is reported to be so great that IPT can be used as a primary treatment, without the need for surgery and radiation.

"This whole idea of IPT may seem so radical to some doctors that they may have a hard time taking the leap of faith needed to try it, even for a brief "safe-trial" period. But, based on the experience of other doctors, once they do, they will be very happy with the results. IPT, when verified, could truly be the fulfillment of chemotherapy".

All the above came from the website established.

According to this website, they have presented to the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to have this protocol examined and studied in a clinical trial.

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