May 2008 submitted by a patient who needs to remain anonymous for fear of losing her insurance coverage.

Update to CLT in Ireland, PDT (Photodynamic Light Therapy, and Hope Clinic - Australia, Heavy Metal Tests. Having personally taken Ralph Moss' advice to travel to Ireland to be one of the initial 48 trial members for CLT treatments, I can report that it was a success for me.

However, I was the only one who had not had any treatments or any nature prior to attending the East Clinic. I had DCIS, confirmed by a really horrific stereotactic biopsy procedure done at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital that stated Grade 2 - 3; comedo/cribiform the bra line was involved.

My ductual carcinoma in situ remained in remission after the CLT treatment in Ireland until I had a serious fall down a flight of stairs on January 18, 2006. I had kyphoplasty performed on a crushed disc in March with additional damage shown in the left interior knee.

In October a Greenwich Hospital (Connecticut) MRI showed a right breast, at the biopsy site of 6 – 8 o’clock position, 3.7 cm x 2.6 cm x 0.8 cm tumor abutting the chest muscle wall, with a palpable right side lymph node of 1.5 cm circumference (not easily measurable on one film but a second opinion facility was able to).

Refusing a mastectomy, again presented as the only option presented, as I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy and another complicating medical condition, and not willing to do chemotherapy and radiation because of the side effects of such, I decided to accept Noel Campbell’s offer to try the latest iteration of CLT, now a Photodynamic Light Therapy (PDT), at the Hope Clinic In Melbourne, Australia, in June 2007.

It worked, again.

After 7 weeks of Monday – Saturday treatments a CT/PET scan taken at a local Melbourne hospital showed no cancer activity. In fact, two were taken to be sure. The most recent scans, May 13, 2008, show the right breast tumor is not active and more than a centimeter smaller in diameter. The lymph node is not active. Continued home treatments have helped the debridement process using the Bio-Life machine, ultrasound, and photodynamic light therapy with an easily usable lamp.

I had taken a plethora of supplements, similar to what my holistic physician had prescribed in the US - which I currently take, had daily PDT with an improved agent over what had been used in Ireland, direct to the breast ozone and ultrasound, a general ozone sauna, and used hand held electrolysis (Bio-Lyfe) –a machine that seems to be along the same principal as the Kanzius machine that M.D. Anderson is working hard on.

The Hope Clinic made another very interesting finding. Using a $10+/-, three-minute, 3 ounce urine test for heavy metal that produces a color reaction, much like a pH strip, I was found to have abnormal levels of cadmium and mercury. A 24 hour urine test was sent to the hospital labs for collaboration. Detoxification was with DMSA pills.

According to Dr. Maggie Louie1, assistant professor in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Dominican University of California, who received an National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant2 to focus on how the heavy metal cadmium – an environmental contaminant that enters the body through consumption of contaminated food or water, or inhalation of coal and cigarette smoke – contributes to the development of breast cancer, felt that this finding and treatment was probably a significant additional factor in the cancer remission as her preliminary findings not only show that cadmium promotes breast cancer cell growth, but also identified a potential pathway for its action that DMSA would have effected.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Max S. Wicha3, University of Michigan, a stem cell expert, he agreed that the DMSA would have been of significant help in stifling the cancer. The Hope Clinic can mail the 3 minute heavy metals urine test to interested parties so they can determine if more expensive 24 hour urine and blood tests need to be performed. Located on the top floor of a vintage building on fashionable Collins Street with plenty of local amenities readily available, the Clinic was efficient, friendly, and very reasonably priced by any American standards. The prices are given on the website (www.smile.org.au). I stayed in close proximity at one of the studio apartment buildings that the Hope Clinic has arranged discount rates for their clients.

The Hope Clinic is the last CAM treatment center in Australia. It works with a number of local, licensed physicians and medical facilities, including the hospitals. The Peter McCallum Hospital, one of the countries major oncological hospitals is within walking distance should some untoward event occur. The Melbourne Hospital is also close. Melbourne is a charming seaside city, seemingly a combination of Boston, Atlanta, and San Francisco, in other words highly walkable, ready public transportation, a pleasant climate, with a high degree of affable sophistication.

Given that I am again a “survivor” without having had to run the daunting gauntlet of devastating standard American cancer treatments, I can recommend speaking with Noel Campbell at the Hope Clinic for a preliminary evaluation for treatment consideration.

Contact Information:

167 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia P O Box 137 Parkville VIC 3052 Telephone 03 9639 6090 International 613 9639 6090 Fax 03 9639 4006 International 613 9639 4006 Mobile 0412994 001 International 61412 994 001 Email: noelc@smile.org.au

1. http://www.dominican.edu/academics/artssciences/natbehealth/sciencemath/facultyandresearch/faculty-profiles/maggie-louie-ph-d.html 2. http://www.townsendletter.com/AugSept2007/toxicmetalbreastcancer0807.htm 3. http://www2.med.umich.edu/departments/internalmedicine/index.cfm?fuseaction=intmed.facultyBio&individual_id=23613

We received this email on 3/16/04 from Matt at the CLT Group:

To Whom It May Concern:

"Concerning the following statements on your site …………"2/23/03 update from Ralph Moss office"..

Dr Moss’ statement was based on previous protocols and previous photosynthesizing agents used and may have been relevant to that then. However it is not relevant to this now.

As regards Dr Woeppel, he is not doing CLT, there are two clinics providing CLT therapy presently. One is in Melbourne Australia run by Dr Johnson and the other in Ballina Co Tipperary, Ireland. Website www.clttherapy.com.

I personally work with the CLT Group and you may contact me directly at +353-61-375815 or by replying to the email if you need clarification.

Thank you, for your attention


CLT Group

UPDATE: 2/23/03 From: Ralph Moss' office

Different patients have recently reported very different degrees of after-effect symptoms, that range from mild to severe. Because some patients have attributed serious symptoms such as severe nausea, coughing and inflammation, to their CLT treatment, all prospective patients must be aware of the potential risks involved and proceed with caution and with the involvement of their physicians.

Dr. Woeppel is the only physician we know of working with CLT at the moment. He has told us patients can contact him directly with their questions, so perhaps you could point your site visitors to him. His email address is wdrwoeppel@aol.com and his phone (as dialed from the U.S.) is 011-49-7931-5360.

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