Integrative Medicine, Munich, Germany, April 2008

reported by Ann Fonfa, President, The Annie Appleseed Project

This conference was held in Munich, Germany with English translations. Unfortunately the translators had no medical or alternative medical background and much information was not understood.

However the gathering included many people who spoke English and two or three talks were given in English.

One speaker, Dr. Achim Schuppert described the treatments offered at his cancer clinic - Praxisklinik. This is a true integrative clinic using conventional therapies along with a variety of 'alternatives', including dental care and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The directors of each of the clinics shown below as links, were speakers at this meeting.

Some spoke English a bit, Lothar Hirneise worked in the US for some time - he and I spoke at length. His talk was entitled "Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is Flat". This is the same title as a book he has written.

Meta-Medicine in Munich, Germany

April 2008 Munich, Germany

German Holistic Cancer Consulting  & Info Ctr

LINK to clinic with strong alternative approaches run by Lothar Hirneise Telephon 011 49 7151-9813

Also see It's in English.


LINK to clinic in Bonn, Germany - website in English

Telephone 011 22 896 9573

Klinik Marinus am Stein

LINK: Now ENGLISH website Telephone 011 49 8034 - 90 80

Services include: mistletoe, other immuno-stimulants, hyperthermia, etc.

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