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This section has been established to honor those with cancer and remember those who died.

December 2011

A donation of $1000 has been received in memory of Muriel E. Baldwin, from her son Louis who attended our 2011 meeting in his quest for information to help her deal with cancer.

Summer/Fall 2011 This has been a really difficult few months as several women who have attended our educational conferences, and been supporters of Annie Appleseed Project, died of their disease. Merle Gross, Ashley Oehler, Eleanor Alston and Mona Deva Prem Handler. Cancer totally S*CKS.

11/06 We have lost our good friend Anne Caputi. Anne wrote many articles for this site. She lived in Boston, MA though originally from Long Island. She rushed to be in New York City after 9/11 to share the grief we all felt then, not knowing what was to happen in our city.

She was a musician and recorded some wonderous songs on a CD she made available to all. She came from a large and loving family. The AMAZONs (an online discussion group for those with breast cancer using alternative medicine) came to know her through her struggles with breast cancer many years ago.

From the Guestbook: "The 300 women of Breast Cancer Choices mourn Anne as one of our kindest, most caring members. She reached out to many to offer them information when they asked for it, friendship when they wanted it, and love to all who got to know her. Anne made her own music and her melody lives on in our hearts and in our community. Her songs are not lost in her passing from from us, but they swell with even more meaning and resonance. Bless you, dear Anne. We will always be remembered for your bravery. We miss you. Love from all of us at Breast Cancer Choices".

Our board member, Mahin Witkowski wrote:

"I admired Anne and loved her for being so caring and supportive of everybody, for her beautiful music and for her spirituality and energy. I will miss her greatly".

8/09 In Memory of Pat Stocking Brown from Bonnie Spanier, MI

8/07 In Memory of Bob Timmerman from Blair Davey, CA

9/05 In Memory of Bob Timmerman from Blair Davey donation from Gabrielle Duff, Redlands, CA

9/05 In Memory of Corinne Thompson - 2 people have asked that she be remembered from Gabrielle Duff, Blair Davey, and Shirley Schake.


Several people have donated in Memory of Lorraine Koblick, Ann Fonfa's mother who died at age 81 after suffering with Alzheimer's Disease for the past 8 years.


In Memory of JodyAnn Farber and Michael Ricciardi donation from Lois Lane, New York, NY


In memory of Scott Champion donation from Marion Reid, North Carolina


In Memory of Claire Fournier donation from Joanne Sterner, Pompano Beach, FL


In Memory of Gloria DeGraff donation from Judy and Saul Solomon, Deerfield Beach, FL

3/11 In Memory of Jerry Marsden donation from Wendy McKay

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In Memory of Brenda Sawicki

Friends, relatives and associates honor Brenda Sawicki

In Memory of Eleanor Alston

Eleanor's photo was taken at our 2009 educational conference in West Palm Beach.

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