In Loving Memory of Kathy Miele

I am Kathy Miele sister, I would like everyone to know that kathy lost her battle with the breast cancer on may 28, 2005.

Please acknowledge her testimonial with natural vitiams and organic foods,because she did survive 3 years longer than what the doctor told her.

She never looked like a cancer victim right up until 2 weeks before she took her journey to heaven , she was walking every day with her dog Morgan, felt great and looked great.

As you know her type of cancer was fast growing and it went to her brain and she was gone, I will miss her so much, I just want everyone to know her progam and try it because it really did help her and i know it can help someone else,

She just wants to help anyone that will listen and truly it is worth the try.

In loving memory of KATHY MIELE. one of strongest and loving and caring woman I know, besides our mother

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