Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy

This is a new method therapy being offered at the BioPulse clinic in Tijuana. It is also being done at the Oasis Clinic (formerly Contreras). We've been asked about this by many cancer patients. (There is a separate section on IPT).

In order to retrieve information on this, please use the link below.

Or you can call Biopulse(from the U.S.) (888)552-2855 Outside the U.S. call (801)233-9094

Direct international number: 011-526-686-1880

Call Oasis at (888)500-HOPE P.O. box 439045 San Ysidro, CA 92143

Ann's NOTE: I heard a talk by a Loren Swenson who is involved with this clinic )more at Meeting Summaries-Center for Advancement in Cancer Education.

I did not hear anything that intrigued me. I did not hear about success that mattered meaningfully. Swenson stated their survival stats in a very confused way but it calculated to about 15%. (Yes these were very ill people but the therapy is VERY difficult to endure).

I do not have a feeling this is the right way to go.

Information on Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic therapy

A link to an article and information on the clinic

Oasis Clinic

Tijuana Clinic offering many protocols

Government Charges NO Benefit

AP, 7/24/02

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