1/08 Mercury can be detoxed out of the body in a variety of ways - parsley, cilantro and dandelion leaves will bind mercury and it can then pass out of the body. Isn't it interesting that fish is served garnished by parsley?

There are homeopathic detoxes as well as herbals.

Yesterday, 8/23/99, my husband read a one-liner to me from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. It stated that there was nothing to worry about with mercury in one's mouth.

My response to my husband was " that since dentists and their assistants have to handle mercury as a toxic substance while it is in their offices, storing it in tightly sealed containers, wearing masks, gloves and recycling it in a special way; I couldn't see how it lost its toxicity once it was in your/my mouth." Can you?

My problem with removing the mercury fillings is that it is such a difficult procedure to accomplish without stirring up a flood of toxicity in the body. But studies have indicated that mercury can enter and spread into organs and it never flushes out of the body normally. Researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada, Dr. Leszek J. Hahn and others showed this in 1989.

Sweden does not allow mercury amalgam fillings. Germany has limited them to molars only, with none in pregnant women or toddlers. A study at Temple University in Philadelphia found that dentists who work with mercury filligs have evidence of high concentrations of mercury in their pituitary glands, with double the number of brain tumors as the rest of the population.

A study in the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; vol32:155, 1878 and one in the Swedish Journal of Biological Medicine (January 1989) both showed an association between high mercury levels and multiple sclerosis.

The effects of mercury are said to be slow and gradual but varied, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, bleeding gums, loosening of teeth, excessive salivation, foul breath, metallic taste, burning sensation in mouth or throat, tinnitis (ringing in the ears), allergies, asthma, sinusitis, anemia, joint pains, numbness and tingling of hands, feet or lips are all part of the problem (maybe).

There are several different types of tests to see if you are experiencing mercury poisoning. One can be done at home by sending saliva samples to a lab.

The following is a (1996) list of dentists who remove mercury fillings. ( A good way to find a local source is to get one of the free newspapers or magazines from your health food store. These often list local providers.) Remember some area codes may have changed.

Dr. Arana, DDS, SDA Carmel, Valley, CA (408)659-5385

Terry Bellman, DDS New York, NY (212)838-0840

Norman Bressack, DDS North Bellmore, NY (516)221-7447

Hal Huggins DDS-I have heard he is not in the U.S. anymore but-Colorado Springs, CO (800)331-2303 or (719)548-2303

William Pollak, DDS Maplewood, NJ (2010763-3231

Steven Goldberg, DDS Brooklyn, NY and NYC (718)339-5066 or (212)505-5055

There is a NYC based wholistic practitioner, Dr. Warren Levin who has been working with DMPS, a substance that may be able to reduce mercury toxicity. Contact him at: (212)397-5900

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