India: Clinics and local resources

S.K.'s Herbal Medical Hospital & Research Ctre

LINK to Clinic in Chennai


LINK: "manufacturer & supplier of pure & effective Nutritional Food Supplements offering treatment of arthritis, arthritis pain treatment, cancer treatment, naturopathic remedies for cancer by alternative remedies & nathropathy".

Apollo Life

LINK to Asian hospital health site, includes alt med

Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy

LINK to Center in New Delhi

Vivekananda Yoga (Research Foundation)

LINK to site that examines efficacy of yoga practices and modern life

A.M. Charitable Trust Alternative Complementary Therapies Hyderabad, INDIA

Dr. Madhavi Kasam B.H.M.S

LINK to practioner of Classical Homeopathy in Georgia (USA)

India Herbs RESOURCES: Alt Med

LINK to directory and more

Solankiz Herbal Healthcare Clinic

LINK to India-based Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer

Shaptharishi Research and Medical Foundation

LINK to clinic in India using herbal therapies

Organic Sansar

LINK: "Exclusive, Organic Food Store"

Organic Sansar MSB II-B, 105 New SIyaganj, Pathhar Godam Rd. Indore - 07, Madhya Pradesh, India Contact nos. T: 0731-2530220 Ashish: 9993519656 Manish: 9993440363 Email:

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