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8/08 Ann F. (founder) recently attended the national conference for Naturopaths and met some folks from this clinic. They are very legitimate and dedicated.

Ann just received a packet of information about this place in Mexico. They state that they in 1987 they submitted a review of their first 5000 cancer cases to the (US)Office of Technology Assessment (OTA). They say that they hve NOT been asked for a review of "best cases" (A common procedure when a protocol is being examined).

Int'l Bio Care also states that they are achieving either symptom-free or mostly symptom-free 5 year survival of about 20% of their cancer cases. "Since the great majority of our patients (about 95%)are regarded as "terminal: before they reach IBC Hospital, this response rate is significant(since the US figure is at or around 9% 5 year survivals in alleged terminal, metastatic cancer).

They do NOT PROMISE to cure cancer, they say instead that they "will place cancer 'under control' so that a patient may live out his/her appointed genetic life span without cancer as a major problem". They want to accomplish an initiation of the healing process. They state that "the keys to long-term survivorship are (a)adherence to proper diet, and (b)adherence to positive thinking.

There are separate brochures describing Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Medical Hyperthermia, Gene Therapy program and Integrative Medicine for the Treatment of Cancer. This last piece discusses specialized diets, juice fasting, coffee enemas, chelating agents, replacement of "friendly" bacteria, and any other approach or substance required.

"If w4e secure 3 years of relatively disease-free survival in an individual who has literally been abandoned by allopathic medicine, we feel we have made a considerable achievement." They stress that thee is no single 'magic bullet' and offer a multifactorial, integrative therapy on an individualized basis. "The adenocarcinomas (lung, colon, breast)seem, as a cluster to have the best overall response to multiphasic therapy. We have generally good responses in the leukemia/lymphoma families and spectacular results in local if life-threatening sarcomas, rhabdomysocarcomas and simiars. As is the case with conventional therapy, we do the worst with extensive liver metastases and/or pancreatic cancer, even though in both these areas we can virtually assure survival times well beyond the conventional assessments."

Antioxidants in general use include SOD, catalase, glutathione, butyrate, selenium, NAC and Vitamins A, C E, beta carotene. Laetrile, herbs and more.

They are using the work of Nordstrom (see bioelectric on this site in the Consumer's View section).

Also of interest was their statments on tumor destruction or diminution in accessible tumors (when absolutely essential). "...radiowave local therapy(ACN-accelerated charge neutralization);herbal poultices('healing', 'pilling' and 'high' salves);ozone gas infusions; and even application of anaerobicd microorganisms (Clostridium, etc.)".


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