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Summary of recent studies (2002) shows that this vegetable extract:

Increased the conversion of estradiol to the safer estriol by 50% in twelve healthy people in just one week.

Prevented the formation of the carcinogenic estrogen metabolite 16-alpha-hydroxy estrone in two months in 17 men and women.

Stops human cancer cells from growing (54-61%) and provokes the cells to self-destruct (apoptosis).

Inhibits MCF7 human breast cancer cells from growing by as much as 90% in culture.

Inhibits an estrogen metabolite (16-alpha-hydroxyestrone) that prompts breast cancer cells to grow.

Competes with dioxin for the Ah receptor to help keep dioxin out of cells.

Prevented chemically-induced breast cancer in rodents by 70-96%.

Prevented other types of cancer, including aflatoxin-induced liver cancer,leukemia and colon cancer.

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Source: Michael A. Zeligs, MD

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Intl J Cancer, 10/04

I-3C Blocks Cancer Cells via molecule called Cdc25A

J Cancer Prevention Research, June 2010

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