Immuno-Augmentative Therapy

When Ann was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in January 1993, a young man told her about his mother who had used IAT many years before.

Diagnosed with tongue cancer and given no conventional chance, she went to Dr. Burton. She was alive and well in 1993 (25 years later).

Here is some material from the website:


The philosophy of Immuno- Augmentation Therapy, based on Burton's work, views cancer as a whole spectrum of abnormalities characterized by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division.

While each cancer is unique to the patient who has it, what is common is a deficiency in the immune system that ordinarily would keep cancer from going out of control. IAT treats the immune system, not cancer, by bringing the body's natural defense system back into balance.

The IAT view is that cancer patients don't necessarily have a deficient immune system, but that the controlling mechanism that deals specifically with cancer is deficient. Whether due to an inherited genetic defect or environmental factors, this defect allows cancer to grow out of controls. IAT, therefore treats the competence of the immune system."

IMMUNO-AUGMENTATIVE THERAPY, PO Box F-42689, Freeport, Grand Bahamas, Bahamas. Tel: 1 242 352 7455. Fax: 1 242 352 3201.

6/03 This is a PO Box that they maintain in Fort Lauderdale. Mail from the U.S. can be sent to:

IAT Limited P.O. Box 22579 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335

Mail is collected there and is then brought over a few times each week by a courier. It is faster than using the Freeport address when mailing from the U.S.

This 6/03 update is thanks to a long-time patient of IAT.

2/05 We received the following from IAT:

"We are still the premier location for IAT and have also added other Alternative Cancer Vaccine Treatments including dendritic cell therapy and heat shock protein therapy. We are at the same location in the Bahamas".

IAT Clinic


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